Whose gonna win nats?


Steve Brown posted a link on askfm and dang, Its hard to pick

1A: Gentry, but I’m interested to see Tessa’s freestyle (Maybe she’ll win?)
2A: Joseph Harris, since Mitchell isn’t on the list…
3A: Either PatBorg or Alex Hattori, would LOVE to see Colin B.'s freestyle…
I’m waiting for Elijah Tan to go R3A on stage though
4A: Hard pick between Philip White, Michael Nakamura, and Ian Johnson… Hoping Philip wins :smiley:
5A: BRYAN JARDIN CUZ FILIPINOS ARE AWESOME (Might have a slight bias since I’m Filipino as you can maybe tell)

i’ll tell you when its over who i think is going to win. ;D

I don’t really agree completely with that. However i think that considering how far I’ve traveled, I should at least be pretty serious.

Chuck Norris.


Gormley baby!! I hope he wins! His style is so unique and he actually puts on a performance when he competes. Watch g him is like watching a story being told…


If you win im gunna be sooooooooo happy.

Either Harold Owens the III or Rojas.

Im hoping for tylor mcallomore for 1A there’s some serious talent going on there!!

1A: Gentry Stein
2A: Connor Scholten
3A: Alex Hattori
4A: Michael Nakamura
5A: Jake Elliot

1a: Zach Gormley or Anthony Rojas
2a: Connor Scholten
3a: PatBorg
4a: Zac Rubino


Surprised nobody mentioned Hank Freeman, a 3x or 4x world champion( I don’t remember) in 3a. But in 1a probably Gentry. Zach if he goes ham.

Probably because Hank isn’t competing at Nats

good point :wink: I forgot to look at the 3a page first. Lol


I’m pretty sure Zach Gormly is gonna win nats Idk why maby its cuz he just did :smiley:

Nahh. I bet gentry is going to win XD
He’s going to go back in time and beat Zach.

ZACH won!!! yes he deserves it I’m so happy now :smiley: