Who has a beat draupnir?


Well, draupnirs have become more prevalent, but everyone seems to keep their’s pristine. Who has a beat draupnir?


I too would like to know how they hold up under the pressure, but I doubt we’ll find out.

In my limited experience on the forums, most of the people that walk the dog with their yoyos are sponsored, and get their yoyos for free so maybe one of these people with hundreds of yoyos won’t care?

Which reminds me, there used to be a video of Tyler Severance destroying the Anti-Yo BSP. lol


That’s true. I don’t blame people from being cautious with a $200+ yoyo, but nobody has beat one yet?!?!

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One of mine has some scratches on the body but no major abuse. I think you have to be relatively reckless or try to actually ding yoyos with play. There’s has a to be a best one out there but I’d assume that’s one of the people on the YYR team.


I sure don’t. I let pretty much half of MER try out mine and it’s still mint. And what was with a full-length YYSL :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t blame them either. I find myself being more careful with my Sleipnir, and even make choices to protect it. I was just trying to challenge somebody into beating a Draupnir so that we could see what happens. ;D


What would you have done if someone did ding it


Say “Dang. Well, I guess yoyo dings are inevitable if you actually plan on playing them. Best not make a huge deal about it.”


Spoken like a true yoyo noble.

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One of my favorite moments was at nats when someone nearly had a heart attack after dinging my peak that was mint. They’re yoyos and you should have fun with them

Pic for reference :smiley:


I’m laughing and crying at the same time.  :’(  :smiley:

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6 people had a heart attack just reading this.


I would be a little upset considering how beautiful that peak is.


Different strokes for different folks.

Now, I generally don’t mind much if things get dinged in life. For example, my wife backed into our other car twice in the last week. The first time I shrugged. The second time, we both burst out laughing. We aren’t getting the cars fixed because its no big deal to us to have some dings.

That’s cool that some people don’t care about damaging their yoyos. I however cannot help it with some yoyos that I paid a lot of money for. Why do some of you feel the need to conform others to yourself? Does it really effect you either way? Will it hurt you if people play with and enjoy their toys how they want? Not sure why some of you feel the need to tell others how they should enjoy their toys.

On a side note, when my wife was walking out to the mailbox yesterday, I told her to watch out for the Mazda. For those that are wondering, my couch is pretty comfy! ;D


Although, I would be pretty sad if it was my fault that there was one less mint Peak in the world…


My thinking why spend that much on anything like that unless your going to use it and have fun with it. If you want to look at it don’t buy something meant to be played. Buy a painting if you want just look at it.


Ouch. You are a brave man!

I think all wives are bi-polar, loving one moment…and a joke at the wrong time would make you want to ding all your throws to block the yelling. j/k

I usually buy my wife something before I tell her how many yoyos I would like to buy. Sad to say that she has quite a collection of Vera Bradley purses and backpacks now. :stuck_out_tongue:


There is more than one perspective, and none of them can claim a moral high ground so why do you think you are right and everybody that disagrees is wrong?

Secondly you are assuming something, which in fact is not true. I do enjoy my Sleipnir very much and have put more hours in playing it than any metal I’ve owned, with the Chief in a close second. I only have 3 metals, and have had ~30 metals over the course of 4 years of yoyoing. I can easily play my Sleipnir in my house without a care. It gets very minor dings which I generally don’t even think about. Generally it does more damage to my house, than my house does to it. It hit my pocket knife once and I did mind for a few moments. No big whoop. Beyond that, I simply choose to play it only at home and try to remember to put my pocket knife away while playing the Sleipnir. I play my other 2 metals anywhere and don’t care about the dings they get. I paid $165 for my Chief, but it doesn’t hurt me to ding it so it is not about price necessarily either. To me, it is not a burden to take great care in any endeavour I undertake if I have motivation for discipline, in whatever form that may take.

Sometimes stupidity is mistaken for bravery! ;D

But really, she just gave me the stink eye and my couch is NOT comfy so I will not repeat this joke if I know what is good for me. Remains to be seen.


Relax bud I was just saying I wouldn’t buy something made to be played with and just look at it. I have no idea why your taking it personally . It was just a general statement not directed at anybody.


That Peak is a painting. :slight_smile:

Honestly though using this logic I suppose someone that buys a CGC graded All American #16 should crack it out of the case and read it?