Who grabbed a Bonfire?

As I write this there are only five left in total. I looked when they first dropped and I’d guess there were over 100.

I snagged a 28 stories. :slight_smile:

I picked up an Electric Bacon.
They were really flying off the shelves by my observation as well.

I also had to grab a Black Chief as well. I Love solid Black YoYo’s.

I purchased a blizzard right at 10:00 drop time :slight_smile: It will be my 8th blizzard.

I also copped the new Northstar and Hubstack Afterglow.

From where?

Got a Yogi. Was a tough decision between Yogi/Jack Rabbit. If it was a more oldschool looking Yogi like the GE/AC with less of the silver splash it would’ve been an easy decision but the new Yogis with a lot of silver are off putting to me in some pics, whereas the JR always looks quite nice imo. In the end I still gambled and went with Yogi, hopefully it’ll be awesome, I don’t want to have to work any BST magic to sell this one and try for a 3rd Bonfire.

Here (YoyoExpert). Bonfire, Northstar, and Hubstack…same order.

Got the black with pink speckle, my first CLYW. So excited!

I knew you were cool.

I already have a Bonfire, but was hoping to snag a Jack Rabbit. Unfortunately I was at the bar last night and completely forgot, so if someone wants to sell their Jack Rabbit Bonfire or trade it for a mint 28 Stories one, lemme know.

Got a jack rabbit

Fire blizzard

Black with Pink Speckle

Had to for the 2 extreme’s…1 fire blizzard and 1 blizzard…

Wanted a jack rabbit so baddddddd :’( I got on at 10:05, SOLD OUT! I ended up getting a electric bacon blizzard instead 8)