Bonfire And Chief Release!

Who picked up a bonfire or a chief, OR both!! I picked up

A hulk smash chief
And a red with white splash bonfire!

Tell everyone what you got below!

Hulk smash Chief ;D

I got a Black with Pink Speckle from that other store :slight_smile: Really wanted a Jack Rabbit but got on here at like 10:05 and they were sold out along with black with pink speckle.

I already have a pair of bonfires myself, no need for more :wink: to everyone that got one yesterday, ENJOY!

I hoped on

And saw two 28 stories Bonfires left in stock. I really wanted one but Im saving my money so I didnt get anything

yoyobestbuy? Yeah that color way is really cool


I heard bonfires are a bit vibey though. Is that true?

I wasn’t quick enough to snag a jack rabbit :stuck_out_tongue: but I got an electric bacon blizzard instead 8)

nice! I love that color way, but I wanted to get the classic berenguel color way, plus it was 10$ cheaper

I’ve had one since the initial release at CLYW and it has never been “vibey.” It’s actually my smoothest of the 2014 CLYW line-up.

good to know! Which others do you have?