CLYW BONFIRE Releasing Tonight @ 10pm EST!


The Caribou Lodge Bonfire is back in some really cool new color ways! Releasing TONIGHT at 10pm EST! [b]TOP ROW: Northern Lights, Confetti, and Hot Fire Lava BOTTOM ROW: Ninja Hurdles, Clareview Station Blizzard, Solid Black, Hulk SMASH!, and Space Blizzard[/b]


Wow! I have a blue blizzard from the last run, but if I was going to bust a move, I’d be all over that solid black or confetti.


Yea, the solid black CLYW’s are sharp.


That confetti is looking on point.


Hahahaha, they only had 5 hulk smash. They were gone in less than a minute. But I got one! =)


Let’s see…confetti and ninja hurdles, after 3 minutes.

I love CLYW, but I wish they’d make larger runs. The limited supply is frustrating.

Space blizzard and hot fire lava look like they’re going to go next.


quit whining and get back in line…
I fell asleep waiting lol I missed the confetti so I went with space blizzard


This run has a lot of great colorways. This is all obviously personal preference but as much as I love the play of the Bonfire, the first run was fairly bland as far as colorways, and the majority of the 2nd run colorways left a bit to be desired, but this time I really dig the majority of the offerings.


Yes, Grabbed a confetti!!! 8)