CLYW Double Release! Bonfire and Avalanche!

CLYW Bonfire and Avalanche available in some amazing new colors! Releasing Tonight, April 16 @ 10PM EST!


The Bonfire is exactly what you think it is – A bigger and badder version of the classic Campfire! If you don’t remember the Campfire, it was an amazing undersized yo-yo that pretty much had everything you would ever want in a pocket throw – Speed, stability, and crazy agility. Amplify all that goodness to a full scale design and you have the Bonfire – One of the coolest new throws to come out of the lodge!


The Avalanche is simply amazing. It is a full size throw with incredible rim weight and superior smoothness. The gap is flared out to maximize the string gap area making this one of the best straight up freestyle yo-yos on the market. It even comes with a Center Trac Bearing stock for dead smooth unresponsive play!

OMG, those new Avalanche colors are so pretty.

Wow, it’s been 15 minutes the Hulk Splash fade Avalanches are gone.

Dat green Bonfire doe. That is literally the perfect shade of green I wish I could afford one