CLYW Double Release! Gnarwhal 2 & Bonfire!

New CLYW Gnarwhal 2 and Bonfire Releasing Tomorrow – Sep 10 @ 10PM EST!


What has one horn, two wieners, and can do all the tricks? The Gnarwhal 2!

The Gnarwhal 2 has everything you love about the original Gnarwhal, but modernized to handle all off the hardest tricks from today’s top players. CLYW made slight increases to the diameter and width, and redistributed the weight to push it farther out towards the rim for crazy long spin time and stability.

The Gnarwhal 2 is perfect for long, complex combos and learning new tricks, and from your bedroom to the stage it has the spin time to handle everything you need. Originally designed as a “little brother” to the CLYW Sasquatch, the Gnarwhal 2 has really come in to its own as a serious competition return top.


Caribou Lodge is back at YoYoExpert with a whole new lineup for 2014! And after a lot of hard work and plenty of prototypes their newest throw is finally ready – The Bonfire!

The Bonfire is exactly what you think it is – A bigger and badder version of the classic Campfire! If you don’t remember the Campfire, it was an amazing undersized yo-yo that pretty much had everything you would ever want in a pocket throw – Speed, stability, and crazy agility. Amplify all that goodness to a full scale design and you have the Bonfire – One of the coolest new throws to come out of the lodge!

The design team at CLYW (Caribou Chris and Dirtbag Yeti) built the Bonfire for long fun flowing tricks, and when you throw this yo-yo that is exactly the feel it gives you. The Bonfire is super stable, long spinning, and floaty in all the right ways. It has a play style similar to the Chief or Peak, there’s just something about it that begs you to keep on throwing.

The Bonfire is the perfect yo-yo to represent the Caribou Lodge laid-back lifestyle and reminder that this is really about having fun & throwing some amazing yo-yos. So let’s toss a few more logs on the fire, sit back, and watch The Bonfire rage out of control!

what are the color ways available ? or is it the ones that are shown on the page to the left? any of these 7075 aluminum?

Scroll up to see the available colorways^^

And these are all the standard 6061 versions. CLYW doesn’t do 7075 too often, but when they do we will announce them as 7075.

If I could only buy one, which would be the better one to get?

Depends what you want in a yoyo. I’d go Bonfire all day over a Gnarwhal 2.