I'll have 10 more of the Bonfires please...

I can’t put this thing down, my other throws are collecting dust =(.

Honeymoon phase? :smiley:

I’m ready for the 2nd run to come out so I can buy one. I didn’t have the money when they first dropped, so when the Puffin 2 came out and I did have cash I bought one intending on trading it for a Bonfire, but a trade offer came up that was too good too refuse. The CLYW blog said that the 2nd run would be coming to retailers in the next couple of weeks, so I’m keeping my eye out.

Chris’ best work in my opinion though the Puffin 2 is a tough debate.

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It is quite the phenomenal return top. Aside from a couple people who got unlucky and received a vibey one I’ve yet to hear anything that wasn’t glowingly positive. I expect a lot more threads like this once the 2nd run is released and more people get their hands on one.

No problems with vibe on mine its silky smooth.

Mine’s smooth as well. Definitely one of my favorite CLYW to date.

Didn’t know there was a 2nd run planned, though. It will probably have a Jack Rabbit color and that means I’ll have to get it…

Actually I could probably trade my 28S one for a JR one. I’m not too keen on this colorway.

+1. Red with clear splash is nice and if I had to pick again I’d choose the same thing cuz BBB is too 'spensive but I can definitely see myself getting a new color eventually. Just based on the fact that Rafmagn was on the Puffin 2 it seems pretty likely for the next Bonfire run so if I can’t get someone to part with their Rafmagn Puffin 2 maybe I can settle for a Bonfire instead.

Yup second run should be on YYE sometime next month I think.

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This is true

I have to agree that something about the Bonfire is genius. I really feel like Chris outdid himself with this entire 2014 lineup. Each return top brings something unique to the table, but of the four new metals, I must say the Bonfire eats up the majority of my time.