clyw sequels?

What do you think your favorite clyw sequel will be?( I.e. puffin 2, gnarwal 2, Arctic circle second expedition.)

I have the AC 1 and 2. I think the AC2 is a great step after the first! (i like bigger yoyos so its nice to have it larger)

Have you tried the H5xchief, its huge lol! Personally Im most excited for the puffin 2 because the puffin was my first clyw and my go to throw. It should be coming out by the end of the month! ;D

I owned all of them at one point.

My personal favourite is the bonfire.
It feels like an older CLYW. Lots of character.

I think he means a sequel as in a second version of a previous CLYW (ie. Arctic Circle 2, Gnarwhal 2, Puffin 2, etc.)

The bonfire is kinda the squeal to the campfire

This… this is true!

I think its a bit too different to be a sequel, more like a variation, as there specs are wayyyy different.

Im pretty sure that the Bonfire is essentially a full size campfire.

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Right now it’s Gnarwhal 2 but in the end I’m pretty sure I’ll like Puffin 2 most. If you count bonfire as a Sequel I’m pretty sure I’ll love that too.

I think the Puffin will be my favorite in all of these. It’s shape being reminiscent of Yoyorec’s makes me believe the performance will be somewhere in that ballpark.

I love the BvM2. Perhaps it is its own model, less of a BvM - but I love it.


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Well, if this is the case, than the BVM 2 can’t be a sequel either.

K fine, it isn’t explicitly mentioned as a sequel, so I don’t it as one ^^

I guess you could say its like the Peak to the wooly marmont.

Exactly, if only the Peak was released second :slight_smile:

No I don’t think you understand. The peak is first and the marmont is second. However, it is based on the peak.

Same thing for campfire and bonfire.