New Chief countdown! Who’s getting one and what color? Sadly not me, unless I win the DARK vid contest. Hmmmmm…?

I might and get one. I haven’t decided whether or not I want to spend the money, but if I do decide to get one, either the Yogi or Jack Rabbit color will be the two I try for.

I already got one, not going to try for this run…I feel that the jack rabbit colorway is reserved for the Avalanche…I just cant see it on a chief, i love it on a ava tho just not on a chief…


I will never buy one at the prices Chris currently sells them at…

Get a fools gold one they sold for $80 at PNWR

Only about 18 left… Mostly Royal Blue with Red Splash and Latitude 53.

I had to show restraint since I already have a Clareview Station Chief, and had a Northern Lights Chief, but I prefer the lighter version so I sold it.

I had a Yogi in my cart, but the server hiccuped and I lost it. I ended up getting a black with copper speckle. Still a victory in my mind because I had a chance to get one.

well last minute decided to get a new chief, got the petr kavka whale addition ;), gotta love fast college internet :stuck_out_tongue:


i wanted a yogi or jack rabbit so bad, ended up getting fg canvas because 165 just felt too rich for my blood

In for a yogi!

I got a Yogi too Turtle!
I really love that color way.

You guys are SO lucky. I don’t have one Chief.