What chief looks the coolest??


What chief looks the coolest or what one are you gonna get???


I would get the clareview station chief (the one that looks the coolest to me) but I already have a clareview station marmot. I still might get it though. I don’t really like the gray on the dandelion chief. I’d rather have a brighter yoyo. So if I decide not to get the clareview station chief I’d probably get the minty mint chief.


I hope to get one hopefully i will pick it up with out them being sold out in 30 seconds


The gray one

(Jei Cheetah) #5

The one that spins.


The coolest chief ever IMO, was the royal bison, it looks amazing.


rhe fire was cool


Bip Bop Chief FTW




i like the buffalo bob

(DOGS) #11

Flat grey is by far my favorite. Splashes or washes are far too busy on a yoyo like this.

EDIT: See? Awww yeah:


limited edition though according to the store, it’s gonna be hard to get.
To me it’s either that or the clareview chief




Changed my mind.


I personally like the color of the Campfire 8)


What colour of the campfire there is more then one campfire colourway.


I mean the only one that’s sold on here at the moment… which is also sold out but you know what I mean. As for the Chief, none of the colors really appeal to me


ohhhh whoever got the last buffalo bob I hate you ;D


musket clean with a yoyo with alot going on it needs simple ano


I really like the buffalo bob, as well as the dandelion chief for this run. and since i couldnt get both, i got buffalo bob!!!

w00t for my first chief!