What chief did everyone get?

I got a minty mint edition chief! So happy! I couldn’t decide, so I emailed Chris (as in Chris: Owner of CLYW) and asked him what his favorite was, and he said minty mint. So that’s the one that I got.

I got me a Buffalo Bob Edition!!!

It was between that or the dandelion. And since i couldnt get both i had to go with the limited edition :smiley:


I just watched them sell out

clareview station

i did the same. I dont like to blow my money on 1 yoyo for 135 dollars.

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Have you tried the chief!?!?!? My friend had one and it was seriously the best yoyo I’ve ever played.

I always wanted one, and was willing to trade a peak for one. I ended up giving up a peak for a Positron, which is most definitely the best decision ever made.

Clareview Station, best colourway that was available by far, IMO.

with a crazy design like the chief it has to be a minimal ano job my fave was musket by far

Gold Nugget!

pics? ;D

I got the secret 1 of 1 invisible chief! ;D

The Musket Chief, too me, was the one I couldnt live without!

Did anybody elses not ship today?

:o Lucky!

I got the Dandelion. I thought the gold splash looked awesome on the grey.
Mine also did not ship today. Hopefully that will change tomorrow.

i got the musket it looked the best

First run gold! ;D

Besides the color, how does everyone like they’re chief?

Ugh, so upset. Mine came today, but I wasn’t here to get it and now I have to go pick it up at the post office.

That said, I loved the heavier Cheif I got last time.

I had the same problem with the post office, but I just picked mine up! It plays so smoooooooth. I don’t know what the heavier ones feel like, but this one is beyond any of the best yoyos I have (DNA, DV888).

This one only gets thrown on carpet.