What chief are you going to (try) to get

(Vizoh) #1

What chief are u gonna try to get im gonna try to get a nlack amd yrllow splash


one of my friends is going to try for a solid color one.


Depending on which is cheaper, I’m gunning for the mint or the dewy moss.


how many dewey moss where there supposed to be?


Chris said he made about 10, but at least 2 went to a different store. I was able to get one.


Can someone list the colors that were in this release? I got to the release late and there were only Black Chiefs, Minty Chiefs, and Dewey Moss Chiefs. Was that all of them?


musket, minty mint, and dewey moss for the 4th release.

edit: forgot to add my best friend got the minty mint, so I’m going to feel the weight difference firsthand :slight_smile:


Palli Halloween Chief.

I have to wait 'til Christmas, though…


I’m pretty sure this topic was in relation to the chiefs that were dropping tonight, but congrats on the palli anyway.


I’m aware of that, I was being facetious…

Thanks, I’m pretty excited about it.


I don’t plan on getting any. It’s just a yoyo, and I’ve got too many yoyos right now :stuck_out_tongue: