Looking for info on 4th run chiefs

Hi gang! As the title says, I’m looking for info on 4th run chiefs.

I’ve done tons of digging and sleuthing through these forums, and I haven’t been able to find a release date, colorways, specs, or basically anything. Even google doesn’t yield very helpful results.

The best I’ve found is a general release period of December 2011, potentially around Christmas, it maybe weighed the same as the 2nd run or 66g. Maybe the Musket colorway got re-released in this run alongside 4 other colorways.

Besides that, it’s essentially nada.

If you have any more detailed info, please let me know!


Good luck on your research! I always wanted to see the complete history of chief, the masterpiece😉

@nothingfaced might be the man to ask.

I can’t add anything, unfortunately. I’ve got some Chief’s from around that period but couldn’t tell you from which run.


I don’t know what a chief is! If only someone made a documentary…

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You know I gotchu king :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

I did a DEEP DIVE on this… Here’s the three colorways I believe YYE received: Musket Edition, Minty Mint (Green), and Dewey Moss. I’m fairly certain there were more colorways in the run though, keep reading.

Source: Chief product page captured on December 29, 2011 via Wayback Machine. Explicitly states that the 4th run release on YYE happened on Thursday December 15th 2011 @ 10:00 PM EST. According to the description the fourth run was “extremely limited.”

Too bad Wayback Machine blows cheeks at preserving images, otherwise we’d have YYE’s nice images too! Oh well.

I ALSO did a Facebook deep dive around November/December 2011 and found what I believe to be the full 4th run colorways:

Aaand fast forward to “tomorrow”

Photographed individually & all named, thank goodness:

(IIRC the Dandelion Chief is 7075)

Bonus pics:

The day after these were posted, CLYW posted the announcement below as to where they’re going. Makes sense that they drop ~half a month later on the 15th of December. All adds up to me.

I believe that solves this mystery! FBI if you’re hiring, I can pretty much find anything lmfao

Also Major W for your efforts in helping preserve yoyo history btw, cause that ■■■■ is SPOTTY dude. Kinda scary how much modern yoyo history exists ONLY on sites like these, which are now few and far in between. We gotta keep it alive man.

Also, for anyone wondering the same:

The most famous and arguably the most important CLYW yoyo after The Peak. Influenced yoyo design tremendously (I literally cannot overstate that) and still holds up to this day, over a decade later, as a truly great playing yoyo. Was considered by CLYW themselves to be their “flagship” yoyo for years and years. Really excited to see how @KirbyRobot tells its’ story. It’s a super important yoyo to me personally and one of my ALL TIME all time favorites without question. What’s cool is that a yoyo called the Leaf is currently in the works, which is a slightly modified/successor to the Chief. Super excited to get my hands on one of those things.

Anyways… all this Chief talk makes me want to go throw mine… so Imma go do that now lol


Lol I figured and was half trolling bc I keep hearing about the documentary in the works. Nice job sleuthing all this!

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LF: Musket Chief!!

@SR1 …. You are the true KING! Nice work brother.

I’ve been wanting a chief for so long but not many solids show up in BST. One day!


Such a great yoyo. Man, we need more of these @unklesteve.

I really didn’t know that my mintymint was from 4th run. Thanks you @SR1 and I cannot agree more what you said about chief😀


Bear Trap was also coined a Chief predecessor.

Chief Prototype





Just sent the final Leaf revision into prototyping. Hopefully this one solves the problems from the last one and we can get production moving. In a perfect world we might be able to squeak out a few just barely in time to maybe ship for Christmas maybe. Maybe.


Amazing! I’m now a believer of Christmas miracles!

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Popped through a bunch of this stuff and cross-analyzed it with my notes

The information that the 4th run was “extremely limited” checks out, lots of this is super helpful. Some of it is 3rd run stuff mixed in throughout though (Like Clareview and Buffalo Bob)

Spence getting in on the end credits with this post fr

If we do I guess I’ll have to work a little bit extra over Christmas break :roll_eyes: can’t just NOT get a Leaf fr.