9th run of Chiefs

They dropped here last night at 10PM EST. I figured they’d sell out in about 30 mins. Well it’s the next morning and only one colorway is out of stock.

My primal desires might take over and I may be forced to buy a Canadian Tuxedo.

Why aren’t they selling?

CLYW overload lately. New Avalanche, fresh lot of Arctic Circles, fresh run of Sasquatch, Glacier Express, Puffin coming soon. That and probably Nats coming up soon.


i’d get one, but i don’t have any money for yo-yos right now.

Does anyone have a “light” version chief? Or know when they stopped making it? I think it was a gram or two less than the current 66gram.

Anyways., I am saving my $ for a gnar… Already have a chief.

This is a good thing.

Now I can get one fir Christmas!

I believe the first run was 64.5g. There’s also the standard 66g version, and the heavier 67g.

I’ve got a first run Chief. I think the lighter ones play the best. 66g re great too. 67g is too heavy, imo.

I don’t think CLYW has reached market saturation. I think people are realizing “there will be more” and all the “gotta have its”(myself included) already have one. However, a second Chief is very appealing and I might spring for one.

Also, I think CLYW has hit the tolerance of pain threshold for many buyers. The recent increases in prices over almost the entire product line has turned away a fair number of buyers, who are either delaying and then sucking it up, or are seeking them out via BST.

I would like to see anyone who wants to get a CLYW being able to get a CLYW. The buying frenzy that used to happen is great for Andre’s business: come in, sort and stock inventory, then drop and ship out. Easy turn arounds on a quality product. That’s just smart business.

However, at the rate things are going, I may stop how I order here and change tactics in regards to how I place my orders here. I might just say “OK, I’m gonna go buy stuff, then wait until Saturday to ship that way in case a bunch of stuff arrives and drops over the week that I want, I ain’t gonna be screwing myself on shipping fees”. Or, I’ll just call up and say “OK, bottom line it for me, what’s dropping this week” every Sunday and then make my buying decisions. This is another tactic to avoid paying excess shipping.

In the meantime, nationals is coming up. I gotta stop buying stuff for a bit so I don’t complete my wants list until during and/or after nationals.

9 is a lot of runs for a yoyo but you can see that some people are still buying them. It is one of my favorite yoyos by far and would like to get another one as well. I don’t think another yoyo has been so well received by the yoyo community.

I agree with the light ones playing best. Love them.

lol at why aren’t they selling. In their 9th run they still sell faster than 95% of yoyos out there. Given the massive production output increase from CLYW, combined with the high prices, and with all of the other CLYW releases, i’m actually shocked at how fast they’re still selling.

they are still less expensive than YYR or turning point. companies like SPYY sell their yo-yos for about the same price as CLYW. its really not too bad.

clyw needs to take a break from making new yoyos for at least 1 and half for the hype to build up again, although the puffin is so hyped right now and i see it selling out in 20 minutes

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Oh no not this argument again. Japanese yoyos are expensive because of exchange rates.

Well if you describe something as a Peak with a Chief weight ring that’s about all it takes to make every single yoyoer on the planet go, “AHHHHH!!!”

"9th run of Chiefs "

i’d be willing to bet my canvas that the problem is really bold.

it’s kind of like the Gsquared yoyo sales, they made something like 160 total or something for the first run with 20 in each colorway, and brett was saying how disappointing the sales were in a vlog he had just uploaded at the time, and most of the items in stock were at 5 or 6 left each, which is still a majority selling. these chief s will sell soon enough,

Just buy them or don’t. I don’t like unnecessary hype anymore than the rest of you guys. I’ll say that I was impressed with the puffin, and favorable towards CLYW’s other yoyos. I’m excited to pick up a few more. I wish they would do more solids and fewer splashes. I don’t care who knows it, but I hate splashes of any kind! ARGH! HEAR ME ROAR! The speckles are always good looking, though.

Im the same way. Im not to keen on splashes. I love my Musket Chief to death. my other splashes are cool, but…man the musket is sweet. And lets face it, most of us are going to buy the yoyos whether they bump prices or not. If I want it bad enough im going to buy it. end of story.


i could go on and on. CLYW is not alone in this price range.

I’m aiming to get a strawberries and cream at MA States!