wow it sold out in under four minutes… first blue and silver … then gold!!

anyone else witness it? lol it was aweomse to keep refreshing until it went 0

Who got one?

I finally did!!!


I’m quick with the mouse…I got a gold one, Yahoo!!!


I was watching countdown end and still didn’t get one from YYE…said I added blue to cart then when I tried to pay was out of stock, tried gold…out of stock. Got one from another site though…PHEW!!

(Shaneola) #4

Had silver in the cart and it sold out during check out my computer is slow… I happened to get back in time to get a gold one


where did you get yours?


Had a blue one in my cart, went to check out and it kept telling me to select a shipping method, even though I did, for about 20 seconds before finally taking me to credit card entry, which I put a credit card on my account earlier so I wouldn’t have to enter it, but it said “This option is not available for this account.” Then they were all sold out.



Exactly what happened to me. Sorry for you!!!

As far as what other store I purchased mine from, we’re not supposed to discuss other stores on this website, but it was one of the other stores Chris was selling Chiefs from.


I got a gold one, super stoked.


I got a blue one! PSYCHED!!!


Lol oops, yea I don’t know any other sites cus … This is my site for everything!!!


Gotta have paypal! Got a gold one!


thanks jeezus theres gona be another run.


I honestly didn’t even try to get one. This first run didn’t interest me as much. I’m holding out for a crazy splash/speckle edition


How many were released here?


According to CLYW facebook there were around 75 total between all the stores. Highest numbers I saw here were 21 gold remaining, 4 blue remaining, 1 silver remaining. But I don’t know how many were actually at YYE.

(Shaneola) #16

I think yye started with 21, 6, 4


Am I the only one not interested in a Chief? I just don’t like the extra protruding piece between the center and the rim. It looks weird. I much prefer the Canvas over the Chief, even if it doesn’t play as well.


There were 21 Gold, 6 Blue and 8 Silver here at YYE, according to Andre. I bought one of the Jon Bot Sasquatch’s to tide me over until the next run of chiefs arrives here. :wink:


My Chief just got here today and I think it’s broken, it just keeps spinning at the end of the string and won’t come back when i tug it…

haha just kidding, amazingly sweet yoyo. Smooth as all hell. I’ll leave the reviews to the more verbose people amongst us but suffice it to say that this yoyo definitely likes me.


Just the Gray one left…