Chiefs tonight!

What colorway do you all like the most and are you going to pick one up, I wanna get a hulk smash, or the berry berry.

nahh im savin up for the glacier express and that will probably be my last clyw… just to expensive and the first one i got didnt give the company a very good impression on me :-\

Got the AC 2 weeks ago so sadly no. However I wish I could and good luck!

Oh, how I want the berry berry. However im saving up for a cascade, and some prototypes/pre-pro’s some people starting companies are going to let me get my hands on:)

When I get paid I’m hoping to snag a sasquatch before they run out. Picked up a chief on the 6th run and I love it. I hope more people do save their money or get the chief so the sas doesn’t sell out :stuck_out_tongue: Oh and I would personally go for the ash berry that thing looks sweet!

Only 4 CRYO’s O_O

Oh and some of the prices were mislabeled or something. Snatched a 28 Stories for $145 :smiley:

Ah, I would love one but I’m saving up for a Code 2. :-\

I want the hulk smash edition so bad but I’m broke:( :frowning: :frowning:

Yep - there were some good deals on Cryo and 28 Stories - Whoops! :wink:
Some random lucky people there - that won’t happen again…

Congrats to those who did grab those though! Haha.

Will there definitely be more runs of chief ???

Man I had the last 28s in my cart but it sold out before I managed to process it. I was gonna compare it side by side to my 28s AC I just got a couple weeks ago and resale one of them. The other colorways aren’t quite doing the trick for me. Too bad there wasnt a Jack Rabbit, Northern Lights or Pekka. A Pekka Chief would have gone so nicely with my 28s AC.

Any idea when another run will be?

lol. :slight_smile:

Ouch, I was soooo on the fence on it lol. Yea I ended up buying the last one :-X

Dude I hate you! I hesitated for like 30 seconds and it was gone. I ended up buying the last 28s Chief from another site for a grand total of $184 including shipping.

Now I have both a 28s Chief and Arctic Circle. Unfortunately I may have to BST one of these or face the sinking realization that I am an addict. I’m real excited to compare. If I adore them both in totally different ways I’ll keep em both but if they feel closely related to each other I wont feel so bad letting one go.

lol there’s been like 8 runs this year alone, what makes you think they’d stop now?

Yes there will be. Thanks for the support everyone! Hope you dig them :slight_smile:

Just got a foxy moss chief. i dont know why they didnt sell out cause i think its a awesome color :smiley:

Because Mischiefs are definitely cooler (IMO).

Hi Mr. Jong