I just bought a chief for $90

(Shaneola) #1

I just got a yogi edition chief with one mark for $90… Good deal, right?

(2Sick Joey) #2

That’s an amazing deal


yeah, that’s a great deal


Considering that Chiefs are extremely expensive, that’s an amazing deal.


I was bidding on that too!!!


Saw that go on eBay, congrats man that’s an amazing deal. Woulda jumped on that myself if I didn’t have a yogi chief :smiley:


I was a bidder as well


i got a mint gnarwal sodablasted from a guy that dosent yoyo anymore for 50!


Oh my…


That’s some serious luck considering I almost had one in that colorway this last release.


I also got my dandelion chief gor $90 on ebay. Gotta love those chiefs!


any of you guys tried the arctic circle yet? how does it compare to the chief?


i herad its basicly a code 2 with canvas and chiefs irg play like a chief and a avalacnhe do.


I will definitely post my impression when I get mine for Fathers Day.


Good buy, bro.


the arctic circlevis greqt in terms of a yoyo, in terms of all the clyw hype, its a letdown. the cheif is was better.


Well it’s a good thing that that’s factual and not based on opinion or anything.


Good grab man! I love my chief.


I6ify or ghost… have you tried both chief and arctic circle? Chief is my fav clyw … after that is avalanche … i am trying to figure whether i really need to get an Arctic Circle or not lol

(DOGS) #20

I got a second run grey for $40 :wink: