What yoyo did u get for Christmas?

I got 100yellow normal kitty string,red sine//saw,red with black rims rally,and silver with black splash shutter,ps4,skylanders swap force and some skylanders, a lot of Harry potter stuff,a septimus heap book,a zippo with some lighter fluid.

Freehand 2, around 30 DTYYs, another velocity, and a duncan butterfly. All were from the poor tree except for the dtyys.

Gold Gnarwhal
100 Fat Kitty
CLYW Toque
$150 that I’m spending on yoyos.

Day after christmas(today) but close enough :smiley:

-Dreadnaught G

I got:

YYF Supernova (New)
YYF Delrin Severe
Pokemon TCG Packs

The yoyos play amazing

. Time to Mod

. That’s quite the nice haul congrats

I got enough money to buy a 54 and yelets

Sweets green stained kendma
Kendma string
Response pads for my Di Base
Type X inverse neon yellow strings
Acrobot (it’s a magnetic figure you can put into positions and holds it there)
Lead pencil
A rifle gear bag for my rifle stuff (this was actually needed rifle wise)
paracord it’s a magenta color probably won’t touch it in a little bit though
A book on how to make animals made out of cheese dips
A dream catcher necklace
Las Vegas playing cards that were used in gambling
A sweater

-mio energy
-small bendy tripod
-cologne x2
-real juggling balls

  • DS pride (I’ll count that even though I won it and it was a bit early, haha)
    -new cards
    -minty breathe spray
    -Toothbrush heads

Haha, most was just tiny miscellaneous stuff because my mom felt bad I’d only have one big gift (laptop).

(Which, ps, I had to help pay for (over half). Please don’t assume I’m spoiled or anything. Lol)

I only got two, and no string, but the throws I get were the Benchmark H (got the second to last one in red) and I got a blue Yelets for $30 because of the special promotion they had/have. Twas fantastic. Both play great, but for some reason the Benchmark H is snapping back to my hand. I guess I’ll just have to clean the bearing and run it dry for a while. :))

Also, I got caps for my DM2 which I got from a friend who threw his caps out (they were black spade, I wish he’d kept them, but whatever.) and I got three trading card packs. Notable cards were Sebastian Brock (shares my name, and he’s a great player!) Andre Boulay, Steve Brown and Ann Connolly! :))

All in all, it was a pretty nice haul and it was a pretty thrifty purchase, if I do say so myself. :))

Posted it already. But in the wrong category :slight_smile:

The first thing I opened up was a camera. From this point on, I had a feeling this would be a crazy Christmas. Boy, was I right

I got a pink, blue, and green Prodigy. That thing is as smooth as butter and it was the first yoyo I landed a finger spin on.

My parents managed to hide a mystery box for 4 weeks. :o You had to have seen my expression when I opened that up! It contained an Equilateral and a ShaqlerStar.

Also, I got a few Skyrim Shirts and a Bluetooth speaker.

Got a purple yeti!!! My parents ordered it easy back when they were released, and gave it to me for Christmas.

sOMETHING crazy-d
asceder yoyo holder
clew flat cap

but my birthdays coming up and I’m suspecting more from that(cause my parents gave me the trading cards and it added up to be more then what those three things cost) :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

None of them have arrived yet but I got a hulk smash 54, blue $30.00 yelets, crime scene summit. I am excited. :slight_smile:

custom made yoyo case

Unicorn Blood Quake

I bought myself a Bonfire, and preordered a Yeti.

P.Wave, plan on grabbing a Speedaholic/Level 6 soon too!

2 yetis

Strix, speedaholic, Six, and Angle

you got some awesome yoyos.