What did you get for christmas?


I know im a little early but this time of year brings out the kid in me and the excitement is through the roof lol.

So what yoyo stuff did you guys get for christmas? whether it was as a gift, or something you bought with the money you got!

I personally asked for a gift card to YYE so ill have the joy in picking out my own stuff but who knows, maybe ill get a surprise.

Feel free to post some pictures!!

Hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday!



So far, black body/green ring and stack PGM. Neon green would have been cool but I’m just happy I found a local big box store that now stocks YYF along with Duncan and Pocket Pros. Want: magic Yo T9 and Aoda Littles. Maybe next weekend I’ll snag a Velocity.


Due to a death in the family and a whole lot of drama, our finances were wrecked and things have been total chaos. The financial stuff will resolve itself in a month or so. Fortunately, my wife agreed to make Christmas for the kids only this year.

The kids will be ensured a merry Christmas. As I personally don’t celebrate or observe holidays, it will just be a Sunday for me. My wife has to head out of town for some sort of prayer service tied to the previously mentioned tragedy. When she gets back, the kids get to rip stuff open. Christmas will be late, but it will arrive!

We have a resident rat that’s getting a bit to bold, so I ran out and got some rat traps. I think we’ll nail it tonight.

(YoYo_Freak) #4

so far ive bought a di base with money ive gotten

(DOGS) #5

So far I’ve gotten a nice snowboard bag from my Dad, since I saw him yesterday. Tomorrow I’m hoping on a new Wacom tablet, since that’s all I asked for.


I got a Duncan Light-up FreeHand Zero


im not sure but i sure am excited ;D


Some yo-yos :wink:


Generally, my family celebrates Christmas on Christmas eve night. As such, I got a G700 mouse and a starlite. Really happy with my gifts :slight_smile:

Also, Me and my brother got a Snes, including the original packaging, AND about 10 games, all including the original packaging. Thanks goes to my grandparents.


I didn’t ask for anything this year because, I live out on my own, but I’m going to my mom’s place tonight, and was already there earlier, and she has a crap ton of stuff under the tree…I just hope it’s not socks and sweaters…well maybe socks, I need some of those…but I have enough sweaters :smiley: I work, so I’ve already made a few purchases early this year, I got an HP Touchpad a couple weeks ago and installed Android on it, I bought a YYF Protostar, and YYF popstar (put KK bearing in popstar, it’s a lot better now) and just traded my Eetsit and am getting 4 other yoyo’s in the mail next week. I’m content atm personally, but who knows, maybe I’ll get something cool for Christmas, you never know.


I bought a yyf One and a 100-pack of cotton string with some of the money I got.


My family hasn’t opened up gifts yet since it’s still christmas eve but my mom did give me a gift early and i got a yoyofactory boss! aqua with blue splash and it’s a beautiful throw… now to try and not ding, nick or scratch it for at least a month or so

(JAX%^) #13

So far, I’ve gotten a Pink Panther Cafe Racer and a Oakley Snowboadrding coat. Tomorrow I will definitely get a X cube Stampede from my uncle, a beat machine and a CLYW Hat as well as a Pittsburg Pirates hat. I asked my grandma for a CODE 1 and some red and blue side effects and my parents for a Blue Dietz, hopefully I get them


I got to give!


I won a facebook contest so i got a nice purple/blue MVP and i bought a Code 1 with some early christmas money and my dad is giving me 2 terrapin X bearings :slight_smile:


Thunderstorm edition 54

oh and a snowboard

my wifey is awesome


purple g5, purple mvp, hulk smash fg avalanche, and yomega stealth fire keychain (which doesnt even sleep) idk how many strings, probably over 1000. also got counterweights, yyf multitool, and yyj thin lube. i’m sad though cuz i didnt win any yye trading card prizes


xbox kenect,3 games,some shirts,100 pack of toxic string+10 pack,red firedog,yyj bearing counter weight,duncan light up counter weight,a ct,and i get a dv888 later

(YoYo_Freak) #19

Red dv888, Blue Fiesta XX, Orange bearing king, red/blue trompo bearing, yoyo holder, konkave bearing, one drop 10 ball bearing, and yye contest bag.

(Big Mike) #20

Phenom, Phenomizm, Go Big!, and a One. :slight_smile:

My Phenomizm only came with one flat half-size bearing though, aren’t they supposed to ship with a konkave?