What do you think you will get for christmas?

I know there have been threads about what you want fir christmas, but this is a thread about what you think you will actually get. In the middle of the day on christmas (if i remember) ill change the thread’s name to "what did you get for christmas. Please keep it yoyo related haha.
Ill go first-

My mom took a few of my yoyos a few months ago and said that i would get them back on christmas. Those throws were an FHZ, and 2 cheap yomegas. Im happy about getting my fhz back. My sister said that my mom went crazy and bought like 20 DTYYs for me too, so those. And also my family is on a poor tree (my dad’s been unemployed for 16 months… Ug) so we get presents from like a charity. I put down “yoyos” under my want list, so ill be very grateful for whatever I get from them. I’m expecting some duncan butterflies/ imperials, maybe a cheap yomega.

Nothing yoyo related. My wife is blissfully unaware of what yoyos cost(and that’s a good thing) and I’ve taken care my yoyo-related needs. Plus, she wouldn’t know what to get me unless she’s looking at my yoyo collection page, which I doubt she even knows it exists.

Haha. Are you getting any of your kids throws for xmas?

Hopefully a Cliff, Yeti or Gnarwhal 2. Those and an iPod are the only things on my list!

I bought myself a bonfire. Cant wait :slight_smile:
My mom also went crazy and bought like 5 dollar tree yoyos…except she got the wheel ones instead of the metal ones lol

Probably his son, maybe his daughter.

My parents aren’t getting me any throws for christmas, that’s for sure…

Wilson(aznboyaz) is sending me an anglam CC and Dreadnaught G to “borrow” and it SHOULD get here on christmas day but USPS is pretty busy this time of year so it might not.

And I should be getting a Mo-vitation for myself but that’ll be arriving after Christmas…

BUT… my parents may or may not have gotten me an iphone 5s, we’ll see ;D

I have Richard’s Super Photon Spirit upstairs at the moment. He is always playing my plastic one, so time for him to get a decent one. He’s gotten quite a haul this year so far. Rally, Speedaholic, Shutter, Fiesta XX(replacing his old one), OneStar(his request), Go Big, PGM, Loop 360(pair) and plenty of others. I think I also got him another kendama and a pill this year. He still does play his G-Funk. Yeah, he’s 7 and he’s got metals. The other day, he was thinking there was something not right with his Rally, so I handed him my Electric Flash to play while I was seeing if the Rally was OK. It needs the bearing cleaned soon. The funny think was at CalStates, he needed his new WHIP string up(YYE booth purchase) so I handed him my Burnside while I was putting a new string on the WHIP. I got mixed reactions from people, from “wow” to “why would you put that yoyo in his hands?” The kid, at home, is routinely going through all my cases and playing whatever he feels like it, which includes One Drops, CLYW and more.

My eldest, she’s starting to show actual interest thanks to the NED show and she being a touch better than the “other kids” because she’s had previous experience. If she is willing to put in the effort, I’m not sure what I’m gonna get for her. She probably wants a DM2. Seems everyone wants a DM2 in this house. Right now she’s on her Legacy II and Chaser, so that’s sufficient for now. She’s lost the wide bearings, so I’ll need to replace those when she’s ready to learn to bind, but she has a Starlight, so she has an unresponsive yoyo to migrate to. She also has a Shinwoo Loop, Duncan ProZ, Duncan Pulse and a couple of others. At 9, she’s getting started perhaps “early” for a girl. She is nearly 10. She needs to “prove it” to me. I’ll help her all she wants, but I question her dedication to it. I think the fact that she might be “better” at something than someone else is her motivation right now. I am trying to get her to do Brain Twister and split bottom mount right now. She can walk the dog, rock the baby, jamaican flag and Eiffel Tower. Trapeze is a ways off yet but she’s closer to it than she’s willing to admit.

My 2nd youngest is trying to express an interest. She can’t throw a brain hard enough to get it to come back. Once she can do that, there’s a ProZ for her to migrate to. She’s 4, nearly 5. She’s simply not throwing the yoyo hard enough yet. In the meantime, she can wear down strings on the Brain.

The youngest is simply not old enough in my opinion, approaching 3.

My wife hasn’t touched her pink DM2 in months. Why? Honestly speaking, she doesn’t have the time for it.

For those who need to know, all 4 of my kids do have kendamas though. I think the second youngest lost hers. I gotta see if she can find it. We may get my brother in law’s kid a kendama so she isn’t left out of the skill toy fun.

Christmas, under my “rule”, should be a lot more peaceful, enjoyable and free from outside negativity.

What I think I will get (or what I mostly know I will het cause my mom was asking me what website to order X Y and Z from)
Sweets green stained kendma
Kendma string
Response pads for my Di Base
Type X inverse neon yellow strings
Acrobot (it’s a magnetic figure you can put into positions and holds it there)
Lead pencils

No yo-yos this year cause I got 2 SPYY yo-yos for my birthday thanks to the SPYY deal with the amplifier going on I got an amplifier and orbitron

I know for a fact that I am getting the 1/10 confetti summit, but other than that, I know absolutely nothing… Hoping for one of the clear rallys.

All I know is that they share the same size, same weight, same box. triplets but not sure if they are the same color… ;D

The Benchmark series?

Duncan Echo

Oooooh i wish that I was getting a summit hahah

Like… Nothing haha. We’ve had to take 4 spontaneous flights out east in the past 3 months and airfare is so pricey. We don’t have much spare change right now haha

i will be getting my mystery box, finally.

A lump of coal. Bahhh, humbug! :wink:

My parents said that Im old enough to not have that many presents under the tree. Because of that I had to walk my dad through buying a super g and a shutter. Already got them and LOVE them. I also got some skullcandies and a flat screen tv today.

Oh wow you just got NOTHING for christmas.

Either a John Ando Superstar, a 7075 Catalyst, or an Avant Garde!

That made me laugh LOL

Idk what Ill get for christmas I dont think Im going to get any yoyos but Im hoping for an Itunes gift card