Merry Christmas!

How was it? Whadja Get?

Crucial Cupcake :smiley: After 3 months of the awful wait I finally got given the bugger!

Also got a hero3 go pro :slight_smile: Great bonus ontop of a great yoyo.

I hoped YYE might make mine merrier with an Xmas discount!

…or did I miss it already? I know about the giveaway, and that’s great, but a 20% disount on 200 dollar orders would be nice since I’m about to make one.

I got a 888, a remnant from a friend, a laptop, and a cool butterfly yoyo from stage :smiley:

Woot Santa came!

Burnside, Grind Machine, and two Avant Gardes and Two whistling yoyos from mystery boxes. And smaller other stuff. He got me the YYE bag too!

NYYR: 22" led monitor, cyborg R. A. T.-7 gaming mouse. Clothes

I got Sol Republic Tracks HD. Awesome pair of headphones!

your cat looks trashed.

The 2 Classics and Breakbeats were from myself to me and the others were my Girlfriend and Mom :slight_smile: Taken with my new camera too

Got 100 pack of YYE 100% polyester string and a new popstar…pumped!

Is the deep purple one the freq. wave?

Back on topic: I got meself a popstar and a protostar.

Nothing yet, I just got up.

A Dang and a Puffin! Haha :slight_smile:

Oh and I got a bunch of chelsea fc stuff

Dark sonic and a beebee gun!

is that a killer?

Can still smell the salt air in it from the trip over!!

“You’ll shoot your eye out!” :wink:

I received so much this year but the only yoyo related item was a blue Cascade. What a beauty!

A whole bunch of clothes, a kendama, and a case. Sadly, no yoyos. :’(