Who are YOU?

For many of us, we know each other through a screen-name, maybe a face from a video, or a photo in a thread of ourselves, but who are you? I find that from talking with members of the community, its quite interesting to see who these people are, what they are into, what they are doing in life, and what makes them THEM.

So I thought it would be fun to start a little thread for us to talk about ourselves! Get to know each other a little better. Doesn’t have to be a “tell all” if you don’t want it to be, just some interesting things about you that some might be interested to know.

I feel by doing this, it makes many around here more “human” and possibly bring better relations as well.

That said I will start.

Though I may flaunt myself around as “Haru”, my name is Josh Yee.
I am 21, and currently a student at CCSF studying photography.
Photography has been a passion of mine since I was young, and I have loved capturing things in new and different ways for years.
Examples of my work can be seen at my own website: http://wild-side-photo.com/
with links to my flickr for more updated work.

As some have figured out, I am a furry, which is a lover of animal characters with human characteristics (think disney robin hood type creatures). I got into this fandom years ago thanks to my love for wolves. Wolves were a creature I was fascinated with from my earliest memories, and my love for the creature has remained with me as I have grown. Its more than a love, but a deep connection for me.

Through my love of wolves, I found the furry fandom, and knew I was home. The fandom gets a lot of bad media from places that want to bring the fandom about in a bad light, when in reality, it is FAR from some people’s assumptions. I am someone who tries to show others what the fandom is really about, and I do this is my daily openness of what I am, as well as being active producing photos as well as video of events and other happenings around the fandom.
See examples of my video work in the fandom here: http://www.youtube.com/user/HaruRayWolf

As much as I would like to say I’m an absolutely perfect individual, I am sadly not.
I am currently going through hormone replacement therapy which has caused me to unfortunately have very on and off days in terms of mood and feeling. If I sometimes seem overly passionate, suddenly mean, suddenly overly hyper, suddenly threatened, it’s often due to things going a bit haywire > . <, but in the end, all will be well.

I have been on a journey in the last year.
I used to be 285 lbs, and very inactive. I knew that something had to change, but I never had the motivation to do anything about it. That changed largely due to the furry fandom actually. I often saw fursuiters in dance competitions, and how much fun it looked like they were having. I knew that I wanted to experience this as well, but in my condition, it would not be possible. I had enough, and I set out to make a change. In that fandom, there was a “furry biggest loser group” that I had found and became a part of. They helped me greatly with advice, weigh ins, and diet advice, and things started to change. I went from 285 lbs, to 200 lbs even in the period of about a year, and things are so much different. I lost the weight mainly thanks to walking honestly, used to barely be able to walk a mile, and I now take daily ten mile walks. I also took up dance as I got more active, and I currently am an active dancer in modern styles as well as melbourne shuffle for fun ^ ^

I love Hardstyle music. I am into many genres of music but hardstyle is my number one love. I got into the style from finding it from my earlier years of being very much into trance. I actively search out new songs and I love finding new tracks I love!

Other music, I am a HUGE fan of Shakira. Just throwing that out there. Other artist of interest for me are in no particular order: Blessthefall, Owl City, Sufjan Stevens, S3RL, Foxamoore, Black Veil Brides, Of Monsters and Men, Celine Dion, and Nightwish

I am a bit of a femboy, which I wont go super into detail, but basically, I choose to embrace my feminine side more so than others.

I was homeschooled from the start until college. It was a new life for me upon entry but it proved to be very rewarding.

I LOVE vietnamese and japanese food. I also cook both styles (cause you gotta know how to cook what you love right? lulz). Its funny cause as a little kid, I hated these foods, but as I grew older, so did my love for them. Thus, NOMNOM! LOL!

^ ^
Sorry, lol, Im kinda hyper.

I love to perform, I have always loved to see people amazed by something new and different, so in all of my skill and flow toys, I aim to put on a show at all times, and create visually stunning performances. I am a natural performer, and I get a rush from it that keeps me moving forward.

I am recovering from my past of self-harm, thoughts of suicide and depression. I’ts a very real deal to many, and it was something that took over my life for many years. I still deal with it from time to time, but I now aim to help others dealing with the same thing, and helping them break out of the dark. I realize the value of one’s life and their body, and I hope to help any who may be looking for help, please, if any of you need someone to talk to who has gone through this, shoot me a pm, I know what its like and I can help.

I am Christian, but I take it a bit differently than many. I won’t go into detail about that though.

I may not be the best singer in the world, but I do record things from time to time.

I have a dream to visit Africa and help at a cheetah conservation facility there. Besides wolves, I also have had a deep love for cheetahs since a young age, and I would love to able to help out this species.

I take great value in my sight, as I almost lost it completely many years back.
Doctors found a brain tumor that was affecting my optic nerve many years ago, and I literally had the surgery to remove the tumor just in time before almost all my vision would have gone. I got to the point of almost complete blindness in my left eye, and only a bit of vision in my right. If the doctors had not found the tumor when they did, and operate when they did, I would have been blind today. I thank God always that those doctors helped me and I am still seeing today.

I play Piano, and I REALLY want to learn violin, but its so expensive T.T

I like green tea ice cream.

I like apple sauce.

I am very particular about my hair

I have a weird crush on PatCondon

and I am vegetarian!

I’d say that’s about most of what I can say. I hope some feel they got to know me a bit better.
Im excited to see what others are all about!

^ ^



So thats what youmwant when you said “people need to chill and drink a milk tea” in your review, I call itbubble tea but Ive heard a bunch of differentnames for it. I love it too, especially durian or mango, and gotta add extra tapioca :smiley:

Big fan of asian foods, I love pho, spring rolls, fried rice, noodles, sushi, and all that good stuff… had a looonngconversationabout that on yye with aznboyaz a while back :smiley: i bet he’s gonna be all over this thread tomorrow haha

I love light rock, grunge, some pop too, big fan of linkin park and maroon 5.

I like to watch tv a lot, ag, the voice, big bang theory, all that good stuff. To stay busy I like to throw, play tennis, and hang out with friends. :slight_smile:

Awesome story Josh. Of course, I’ve seen you through several years on the boards but it’s good to get a little more in-depth.

I am not going to post a story tonight, but I’m marking it for tomorrow.

I am known here as DrAwesome but my real name is Dalton. I am in my last year of dreaded middle school. Currently my favorite subject is math. I love everything about it except for geometry. As you can tell I love portal. I am also a huge fan of Dota 2 and all that jazz (go Sven!). I’ve played guitar for 5 years (since I was 8 ),football for 7 I think, and yoyoed for only 1. I would really like to get into ultimate frisbee more. I just recently tried it and it is awesome. Getting into it more would be great. Sadly I can’t really get that much money so getting new yoyos is a rare occurrence unless I see one at an actual store which also doesn’t happen often. It’s awesome here in yye and I look forward to reading other people’s. have a nice day.

Theater kid! I love theater so much! Been in a bajillion musicals and plays, and i am also now interning at a youth theater. Some days I am there for over 8 hours a day, but I love it! So why not?

Music- I mostly like showtunes but i also like recent pop music. I also really like rock songs from the eighies.

Tv- I watch tv alot. My favorite shows include Lost, supernatural, Grimm, walking dead, and buffy.

Family- I have 6 siblings a mom and a dad. The youngest is my little 8 month old sister named Chelsey. She has downsyndrome, but she is still really cute and awesome. My dad is currently unemployed, and my mom is a stay at home mom. Life is pretty rough sometimes with the shortage of money and stuff, but theater and yoyoing keeps me happy!

Food- My favorite food is pizza, but some of my other occasional favorites are hot dogs, pasta, hamburgers, and sandwhiches. Oh amd popcorn. I love me some popcorn!

Here I’m know as BC, Maddog, or Bcmaddog. I like BC best because I’m not mad at all.

Mah real name is Spencer.

I live near the town of Spencer.

I’m Homeschooled like a few members here. I think Shadowz is homeschooled?..

Anyhow. My favorite subject is probably math.

I like Simulation computer games and occasionally minecraft with my little bro.

I’m only 13 so I’m still young.

No job. Haha! Gotta be 14 here…

I love Swimming for fun, and for competition.

I like Baseball. Althought I’m not super good, and I prefer to play with the kids that are around my age and have fun instead of Serious travel ball.

I like YoYoing. My friends at the Pool I go to got me and a lot of other kids there into YoYoing.

I have been YoYoing since my butterfly for 2 years. But I only say over a year because I actually started learning some basics and doing stuff around last February when I got my PGM.

I like YYJ! And One drop and everyone lol.

Since I’m young, I can’t buy what I want. So I don’t have a ton of high ends except the ones I traded for ones I got for free, or won them. (Totalartist ;))

So yeah… What els…

I like to mod, ride bikes and do tech and electronic stuff.

I do 1a and 2a and 4a some 5a and can do 3a but don’t have a pair at the moment.

I want to be super good at 2a but that takes practice. A lot…

I feel like this is a session of AA, or YA for here (yoyoers anonymous :D)
Me: "Hi guys, my name is -----, and I started yoyoing 2 years ago. This was probably the best point in my life. I had all the girls, the guys as well sadly, and… some other stuff. But then my life took a drastic turn. I dinged my yoyo! And in public too! So embarrassing… From that point on I was known as the DingMaster…

More homeschoolers? Really? Cool!

Well. I Thoroughly love this thread already.
In that case
My name is Wilson Ni. I’m 17 years old.
I’m an extremely persistent/ almost obsessive type person.
By that I mean, If i see something I like. I will pursuit it until I learn it. I force myself until i learn how to do whatever it is. As a Child i was obsessed with origami. I could make the most insane/intricate things.

You literally would NOT believe what I could do. After that, I decided “I’m bored with this. I need a new task. Harder, and much more difficult”
I Then discovered Kirigami. This is the art of cutting paper, and folding the cuts to create 3D forms and shapes. This was even more insane that origami.

After that, I don’t know what happened. I just kinda… stopped. I was bored and hobbyless for a while then. Then, the most depressing time of my life had hit. That’s enough said. I won’t say anything too personal here.

In any case, I moved from Georgia to New York and got involved in a chinese school.
I discovered. the diabolo. I was just… Blown away. So got one, and got to learning. i literally never stopped with it for 2 months. At that point, I was on the same level as my instructors.
After that, I ended up becoming the lead diabolo instructor there, at 4 months. and being a 12 at the time, I was just ECSTATIC.
Here is a video of me
Skip to 1:45. the first player is my student/former instructor
(Also keep in mind, this is a really bad performance. I don’t have any good ones recorded.

Fast forward 3 years.

Now, I was involved in a Community service program. My Favorite Diabolo Instructors best friend was there. And he had a toy… It was a yoyo. And the addiction began. I had him buy me a velocity. The rest is history

(Shout out to Azn here on YYE! That’s the man who introduced me to yoyos!)
((Yes I am Aware. our names are similar xD))

Now, On wards. Like Josh here.
I Love hardcore music. Known as “Screamo”
But is actually called Post Hardcore. People tend to look at me like I’m insane for that. Its kinda sad.
They Lyrics are so meaningful and so deep and down to earth.
So, I decided. Imma learn how to do that.
So I ended up learning how to do some “screamo” vocals. It’s supposed to take 9 months.
I learned in 5. So I ruined my vocal chords just a little bit. I have a really interesting rasp when I sing now. I don’t mind as it sounds cool.
if ya wanna listen, here’s a cover.

OH, I almost forgot. if you’re friends on FB with me, and wanna know why I’m Called Shuichi Shindo.
I’ll let you know Via PM or something. It may not be appropriate on here.

I LOVE eating. food is just so fabulous.
Vietnamese, Japanese,Italian, WHATEVER.
Noodles have a special place in my heart.
Vita Soy. Buubble teaaa. Chrysanthemum Tea.
-Cries forever-
And Asian candy is always a delight!
And Hi Chew. I love how Its a thing in the yoyo world now!
It’s my Childhood candy. I’m sure you Asians can agree :slight_smile:

And again, I agree with Josh. I’m a peoples person. I LOVE Shooting energy out to people, and be a real crowd pleaser! Its great seeing people cheer you on! Its just such a rush.

And I guess I’m also pretty much a FemBoi. I like dressing really flashy and out there,
Being different and standing out always has a great feel!

Hair is a huge passion of mine.
But I think y’all knew that. here’s 2 sexy, super edited pics of me

Welp. I think I’ve said enough. I’m Out

Edit: There were no responses when I started typing LOL
Just puttin that out there

unnecessary quotes removed

I knew it… i called it, he came earlier than I predicted tho LOL

unnecessary quotes removed

Why did you leave Georgia? We need more throwers here!

I left Georgia bc of some really really darn bad personal issue… Sorry LeftyLinks

Andnow you’re living above me xD

My man.

I love green tea ice cream…

Also my man, man.

Hey! I’m Josh Bennett, 13 yo. I am a music kinda person, it’s a huge hobby of mine, playing guitar, piano, singing, and doing musical theater (which is awesome). I have lived an quiet and simple life, which I am very lucky for. I live in AZ, about 20 minutes away from YoYoFactory (still lucky!). I moved here from San Jose, which was before San Diego. My dad works in sales, so he switches companies and divisions and locations or something. I don’t mind. I have usually let out my feeling through songwriting, but they just end up in a notebook. I show people sometimes, but they aren’t special. Just another way to express.

I do a ton more yoyoing the past month, ever since I started going to club. Great place. I’m working on a freestyle to compete at AZ states, just for fun. :smiley:

Well, very few people know me here, if any. The MN yoyo community doesn’t seem to be huge here, which is the main place people know me from. So yeah about me…
I picked up yoyoing at the end of my second grade year. I’m now going into my freshman year of high school. Dave Schulte came and did a show at my school… I was hooked. I’d like to mention that I’m a LOT like annaboyaZ. I refuse to be mediocre at things. If I do them, I do them well enough to be considered a ‘pro’. So dave came to my school, and I was hooked. I went to see him again at a library show. I was hooked even more, so I asked about lessons. I ordered some yoyos, and I still remember exact day they came. The best part is that it was June 6, national yoyo day. I’m not kidding you. It was a blue, yomega smart switch power brain xp, and an orange wing version. I also got a yomega DVD with it. I spent hours on end every day mastering every trick on it. Long story short, I took lessons from Dave for years. He really helped me in the right direction with free styling. Everything about it. Audience interaction, presentation of tricks, looking up once in a while. Because he helped to drill it into my brain, none of the things phase me anymore. I can look up and see hundreds of people in an audience without screwing up a trick. That skill, has benefited me in so many ways throughout my years in school. During elementary school, I had zero friends. None. Come to think of it, I didn’t have a hobby either. Yoyoing helped create an escape for that, and the performance aspect of things allowed me to be much more comfortable with myself as a person. It has been a huge part of my life for the past 6 years. I’m now 14 with no intention of quitting at all. Though I’ve had times where I really don’t practice during the year, my goal is to become state champion. Once I set a goal, there’s no going back.

Of course, yoyoing can’t make up my entire life. The other part is music. As I say, music is my sport. My dad is a choral director and my mom is a professional pianist, so I’ve grown up with music. Literally my entire life. My living room has a 7 1/2 foot bosendorfer in it, no joke. So I’ve grown up singing in honor choirs and playing instruments. I played violin for 5 years, until finding French horn was a much better fit for me. I play in a youth orchestra based in the cities, and I made the top group on horn after 3 years of playing. There’s no way I could’ve done that on violin, because I just didn’t love it enough.

Aside from instruments, I have an analytical mind. I love anything that perplexes or stimulates the mind. Thus why I was heavily into Card magic for years. This year yoyoing has taken over again. My main hobby besides yoyoing now is speedcubing. Most of you probably know, it’s solving rubik’s type twisty puzzles as fast as possible. I’ve been doing it since late January, and like I said before; I will not stop until I have a record. That’s just the type of person I am.

So yeah, that’s my life. The one thing I forgot is my family… I live with my mom, dad, sister, two cats and a dog. They are part of the reason I’m where I am today. If my parents didn’t put up with my hobbies, I would have no life. Literally none at all. If anyone actually reads to here, now you know a lot more about me…

You’re Awesome okay. <3