Which string to buy???


:o well… I’ll be damned… Too bad they’re all out.

I need some bright pink string. Who has great bright pink string?

(Spinworthy Glen) #42

I like pink string a lot. It’s my second choice to neon yellow.

YYO has good pink string. I use that mostly (no surprise) but I find it to be a good standard string.

Other than that, pink Werrd Blueprint string is alright if you like thick strings. I find them a bit short though.


I don’t know why but I have always wanted some purple with a few strands of white string. I might have to try to make some and see how that goes


Love me some fat Kitty string :slight_smile:

I haven’t seen much mention of the sOMTHING strings other than by GregP above. I am curious about how they feel and play…anyone have any experience with them? [Update: actually I just found Greg’s full review on the sOMTHING strings, so that answer a lot of my questions]


YYO makes a 100 pack of poly strings. Not easy to find always though, but they’re really good. Right now I have a bunch of poly zeekio strings, which are great for the price.


get cotton.

(InvaderDust) #47

after reading the reviews on Buddah, the first batches were too short, but that has been fixed with current runs.

uhhh not only no, but hell no. not for me not now not ever. haha

(Rock Shouse) #48

You guys have tried a lot of different strings…wow…I like my BG1’s and Jakes Snakes! But, my all time favorite I have not seen in a long time…the were called “Gator Strings”. Anyone ever try or see these strings? Probably not anymore…? Too bad…they were the badest!


I think that’s pretty much only a fixed axle thing anymore…


zeekio. its cheap and on amazon. it plays amazing for the price. its my go to string as of now


Fun to scroll back in this topic and see how many so-called string companies no longer exist… and this is only about 3 years ago!

Keep that in mind when quadrupling down on a “favorite” string… :confounded:


Lots of great strings out there! I use and like the following, depending on yoyo. Keep in mind, I only play with loopers. Kitty String normal, Shark Bite, Slick 8 and Slick 6. Message address and I’ll send you a few samples to try out.

(ChrisFrancz) #53

I just ordered KS Fat and Monkey Finger Vines Phat and am excited to try a new (thicker) type of string!


Ammo forever!


I feel the same way after playing your strings. Slick and slacks & whips are amazing.