Which phone to get


I’m gonna get a phone so I was wondering which one I should get?


If I had an option to get a new phone I’d pick the Iphone 5.

But nope stuck with a LG Optimums Chat… :-\



I had a 5, traded it for a 4s and quite a bit more. Best. Deal. Ever. I honestly think its just as good if not better. I have a lifeproof, so thickness doesnt matter to me, and the size doesnt make a big difference.


I don’t even own a smart phone, but the htc one looks sweet. The all metal body makes it seem pretty unique.

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iPhone 5 IMO if you want a smartphone.


get andriod phone of some kind there capable of doing more.

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Don’t get an iphone. That’s all that matters.


Get an iPhone just to jailbreak it, or an windows phone.

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DON’T GET A DROID unless it happens to be the galaxy nexus


I really like my iphone. So yeah, Iphone.


my dad has a galaxy and my friends have androids and every time i use them i want to kill myself.
iphone 4 life.


I have never had a Phone in my life. :slight_smile:


Iphone 5…


It’s as simple as this.
Get the s4 if you prefer android and want the better hardware it provides.
get the iphone 5 if you prefer iOS.

I personally can’t stand android, which is why I have a 4s. I’ve tried using most androids on the market, and I’m sure if I had one I would get used to it, but the OS just seems too slow and convoluted for my liking.


iPhone 5


Reason to get an iPhone is the ability to jailbreak. And it more simple plus the themes,tweaks,hacks you can do when jailbroken.


I still maintain inphone 4s>5


Ehhh… I dunno. I really like Android, but having kids makes me see the appeal of iOS as well. The only time I want to punch my wife’s iPhone in its face is when I have to do anything that involves changing the settings.

iOS has a better selection of games, if that matters to you.

So… if you think of yourself as a “power user”, or even someone who likes to customize their own experience, get an Android. I will always get an Android over an iPhone for myself.

Otherwise, iPhone 5. Pretty cool hardware and software out of the box. Apple only requires a small portion of your everlasting soul, not the whole thing.

[edit: couldn’t help adding this]

The reason Android SEEMS convoluted to a newcomer or infrequent user (especially if they normally use iOS) is that Android has the concept of an app drawer. You usually have to tap a special icon to enter the drawer. But once you’re in there, the view becomes a lot like iOS… just a collection of icons that you can organize as you see fit.

The reason Android does this is because the Home Screen is meant more for streamlined views of information you might want, via widgets. Also, you can place whatever app icons you want on your homescreen(s) for quick access.

iOS does not have this. You just get all your icons on your “home screen”. No option for widgets. Me, I like me some widgets. I have weather, media player, and “quick settings” widgets that go beyond the normal quick settings that are available.

So, if you would rather have your whole set of icons available when you unlock your screen, this is more in iOS territory. If you think that icons are fine being cordoned off in a “drawer” (except for favourites that you might choose), Android has the better approach. If you like the idea of Widgets, Android and Windows (tiles… they’re just widgets) are the best game in town.


unless you jailbreak and download dreamboard or winterboard from cydia to get an android,windows or whatever theme they have there look on iOS.


what’s even the point of having iOS if you jailbreak it to look like android? Just save yourself the trouble and money and buy a more powerful phone with it already on it.