IPhone 5

This is a disscussion thread about the iphone 5.

My dad and I are going to get it when it first comes out?

anyone else?

Well…I’ve never owned an iPhone (or iPod for that matter). So no, I won’t be getting it.
But, as always, I’m very interested in what features it will have.

Im very interested in getting it(have the iPhone 3GS) but I need a durable phone and doubt that it will step up to the plate

I don’t really care for either phones or most apple products. So nope.

I’ll still be interested in what it’ll be like, however.

it is having ios 7, upgraded siri, bigger screen thats all i remember

also it is suppost to be waterproof :smiley:

Does it weigh the same as a duck?

Bigger screen? Who told you that?


well I got a 4s, so I’ll probably wait until the 5s/6/whatevertheywannacallit to come out before upgrading.

No, but it turned me into a newt.

Apple told you that? So they confirmed the rumours only to you?

It got better?

I bought into the iPhone in December of 2008. My Motorola Razr was giving my fits with unreliable signal so it was time to change. I must say I’ve been quite pleased with the iPhone 3G. But, a clear 3 years and nearly 3 months later, I’m not so happy with it. The IOS has bogged it down to a crawl and battery life is just absolutely crappy. Couple that with my kid destroying 2 of my 3 cables, well, it makes syncing not as easy anymore.

I’ve got to upgrade. But, with the latest iPhone just a few months away, it doesn’t make sense for me to upgrade NOW. I’d rather see if I can wait it out and then dive in with the latest phone.

I’m actively using email, SMS, and many apps for business and functionality. That’s not to say I can’t get the same functionality in a Droid OS phone. But, a lot of gear I am buying will work with the iPhone/IOS devices(iphone and iPad) so it makes sense for me to stick with this platform.

I won’t buy it Day 1. Every Day 1 rush has had issues with some sort of re-call issue. I figure wait 30 days. The rush will have died, the alpha and beta test bugs that avoided being addressed before will have been discovered and addressed. Then, here’s to another 2 years with an iPhone.

It’s hard to find tools that work the way you want or need them to. The iPhone does that for me. I have to take the same approach for shopping digital consoles as I need a desk that works how I do, which is more analog-minded. I also think that when we as consumers find something we like, we should try to stick with it, regardless of brand or OS or model.

Anyone recall the Apple Newton? I just dug mine up. Doesn’t work off batteries anymore, something wrong with that portion. Works fine off the power adaptor. I got a few games for it.

Yes I can hardly wait, I’ve been an Apple fan for a while now and I hope they can come out with something that it will be hard for other companies to copy off(like they always do). Which they can probably easily do.

have the 4s now, and i think its great! cant imagine how they can improve upon it.

Battery life, processor speed an processor(s), storage, optics and MP resolution of the camera(s). Maybe the shape a bit but I like the size and shape but maybe a different texture or more damage resistance. Maybe swap out that iPhone connector with USB… Although that would kill a large 3rd party market that actually utilizes that port.

A lot of my suggestions could be applied to just about any phone though.

I like the iPhone.

I heard a rumor about the iphone 5 using gorilla glass for the touch screen. Not sure how true that is though.
They could definitely improve on battery life. I’m down to about 10% by the time I get home from school, and that’s with about 4 hours of usage. Granted I’m connected to wifi/3g almost the entire time, the battery should be able to last longer than that regardless.
I don’t really see apple improving storage though. They’ve had 8, 16, 32, and 64 gigs for quite some time, and I don’t think they’re going to go away from that any time soon. I don’t really have much of an issue with it though, as 32 gigs is more than enough for all my apps and music. and considering I have about 8 pages, and 2000 songs, I can’t imagine needing more than that. They could take a note from androids though and implement external memory options. I don’t think anyone would be opposed to that.

Just a couple things I foresee the next iphone having:
bigger screen
Flash support (fingers crossed)
longer battery life
flash on the front facing camera
slimmer design
doing away with the physical home key button

then the obvious, like better camera (even though the 8mp hd one is fanfreakintastic), 4g, improved siri, newer ios, etc.

same thing happens with my moms iphone i hope they have that but not a to slim it wouldnt feel right

the iphone 4 and 4s have flash support