Iphone 6 September 9, 2014 - Anyone excited?

The new Iphone 6 is coming out soon. I have seen tons of rumor videos and mockups/dummy’s of the actual phone.

Thoughts or concerns about it? Post below!

I care more about the wearable.

It’s the same as the last iPhone. Seems to be a common occurrence with Apple…

I’m not interested in buying an iPhone, but I still enjoy seeing the new version.

Maybe this year’s model will have competitive specs. ::slight_smile:

Hoping it has wireless charging and NFC; really need both kinds of tech to “take off” a bit more than it has so far, and what better way to make that happen than to announce a new iPhone with such functionality?

Announcing it three quarters through the span of the 6 and then making it more available on the 7. Apple.

near indestructible sapphire crystal glass screen
They are making it in a 4.7 and a 5.5 inch display to compete with Samsung and HTC

I will scream if they make a new wierd type of battery connector

I just thought you should know, even though sapphire glass is very, very hard, it is still quite brittle. When you drop your iPhone the screen will still shatter.
iOS - each version becomes progressively more like Android. I believe it now adds switchable keyboards?
Bigger screens = more like Android
Apple would never be caught dead using a USB2 or USB3 connector in an iPhone. They use the other just to make it more difficult.

IOS is never going to be like android, and taking good parts of other designs is better for everyone.

Hehe, Android stole heavily from iPhone at he beginning, it’s good they’re stealing back. Competition is only good for us consumers. Both iPhone and Android users should look at it as a plus.

Additionally, I will note that specs are not everything. What a device looks like on paper doesn’t always match the way it runs. I’ve had both Android phones and iPhones and iOS tends to do more with less.

Anyway, I’m fairly excited to see what they announce. I’m wary of the new big sizes though, I want a one-handed phone.

My IPhone 4 has trouble with Flappy bird.


I agree with this completely!

Don’t be. Its a much better experience. You can still reach pretty much everything (So long as you don’t use a monkey grip) and the bigger screen helps soooo much.

-Galaxy S5 user

Why are people excited anyways? The Xperia Z3 is coming soon.

Depending on how much it costs, I may be interested in it purely because of the water-resistance.

This btw.

Still can’t wait to see their watch.

I’m interested in seeing what their watch will look like, but as an avid Android user, I don’t care what they’re doing too much… With each generation of iPhone/iOS they seem to be gravitating more towards Android both in terms of things like screen size as well as software, but I’m happy with my S5, so I digress.

I recommend rooting you’re S5, touch wiz is truly awful.

yup! can’t wait for them to stick a six on the box and copy what android did 4 years ago in a prettier way :D… So EXITED :smiley: