iPod Touch, or not to touch?

I have a little… not that good Sansa with 4gb space. And… that space has ran out. So, if I upgrade, iPod touch? And which gen? Needs at least 8 gb. Movies would be nice. Internet would be nice. Games… would be nice. But… I never used an apple product before…so…? ;D

If only Microsoft made an iPod…

Can’t tell if it’s sarcasm, but if it is, lol.
iPod touches are good. You can watch movies, and you can browse the internet (with wi-fi). If you jailbreak it, you can get all sorts of games for free.

WOOT!!! I got quoted by Samad.

get a 32 gig. i have one and i have like over a day of music if it played right through. not to mention alot of games

Yeah with 16 or up you’ll have plenty of space. A day of music is only about 2 gb.

But a movie is about a gb… I have to rotate videos on my ipod. Only occasionally though.

But why did they have to make it where you can’t watch video on the new ipod nano?

Most average movies (1.5 hours) are around 700 mb.

Okay, then which gen? I think 8 gigs is good, but which generation? Price is a big factor. Also, how would you watch movies? Put onto your computer and then onto the Itouch? Or an app? I need like a comparison between the generations+price. Hehe. :smiley:

I guess that is true… but most movies that I’ve watched are more like 105-110 minutes long.

I torrent movies, so I torrent them, convert them to a form playable on the iPod, put it on iTunes, then put it on the iPod by syncing it. You generally have to sync your iPod in order to put most things on it. And I HIGHLY suggest going for a 16 or above. Eight gb runs out really fast.

Torrent… ??? Also, anyway to do it off of a DVD? And which gen/cost. Based on your advice… I guess 16 gigs would be better.

Bam I consider myself an expert on this. So let me ask a few questions. Movies, watch on the o or just at home? New movies or just your favorites. I have a 64gb iPad with most of my favorite movies and almost all of my music but I mainly stream movies. And app called airvideo streams movies from a server on your desktop. That solves you space issue if you plan on watching movies at home, same thing with music, but most people want to listen to music on the go. I also have a 32gb iPhone which is most deffinatley great but I could have saved with a 16gb due to 3G I can always stream. If you get an iPod I would recommend 8gb if you think you will always have wifi when you want to watch a movie and then have only the essential songs and the occasionally swap out some to change things up. 32gb if you feel the same about the first option and have a giant music collection you HAVE to have on it. 64gb if you need everything on there. As far as generation if you want an 8gb or 32gb pay the money for a fourth gen the camera is a great feature and you don’t want to be behind on the hardware as the 4th gen is faster. I 64gb buy a referbished iPod from the apple store. If you are just getting an iPod I would honestly reccommend and iPad more unless your phone doesn’t play music already and you want to be more portable. Hope I helped and if you describe your wants more I can help a little better.

I suggest you had better not get the iPod. You should wait for the Samsung Galaxy Player, which is supposedly coming our in spring. It is better than the iPod touch in many ways. For one thing, the browser in the Samsung Galaxy player supports flash, which is what most of the internet is based on. Also, you are not tied down by iTunes.

Or Get an I phone 5g (not sure if its available yet) And U Can Watch Movies listen to music and come on ts a mobile :wink:

lol, one is better off getting the Samsung Galaxy S II. Firstly, they run on Android, which means that it supports useful features like widgets and adobe flash. The browser is also faster. The super AMOLED display is also much brighter than the Iphone, allowing one to see it clearly even under direct sunlight. :smiley:

iPod touches are cool, I’m using one right now, even ordered some yoyos with it yesterday! It has no monthly bill and holds all of my videos,(about 18 gigs)(I have the 32 gig 3rd gen model) my bro has the new one with the amazing sharp screen and it looks , well, amazing… Idk about the other devices mentioned but I am more than satisfied with my iPod…

Its called a Zune… they are pretty boss. look them up.

I know they’re called Zunes, which is why I thought it was funny.

Erm… first off, no phone… just the itouch. For movies, I’m going to be watching on the go, with maybe 5 movies max. I need to know how to get a movie on them, and the difference between the generations. I’m not really going to get a 4th gen because of price, somewhere around $150 would be great… but that might not be possible right? And how to get a movie on is a main point…