iOS 7

Is anyone else excited for iOS 7? I think it’s going to be amazing, I can’t wait :smiley:

I have it already :). It’s quite nice.

How you do dat?
Me gusta
I want it NAO

Find the IOS 7 GM file. (Gold master) Download the correct one for your device (iPod touch 5g in my case) Then put the IPWS or whatever file on your desktop. Open iTunes, connect device, and hold option while clicking check for update. Then select the file from your desktop and tell it to update.

S0wnds c0mpricated

It’s easier than it sounds. You just download the file, and then hold option on the keyboard while clicking check for update. It lets you select a file, and you select the iOS 7 one that you downloaded.

If its too complicated just wait till Wednesday when it releases.

Exactly my plan. Did you read my mind? ??? That was pretty much top secret…

I’ll just keep my iOS that doesn’t look ridiculous.

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Dude, it looks amazing. You don’t even have it so don’t try to bad talk it :stuck_out_tongue:

Does it slow down your iPod Touch?

It depends on what generation touch you have. If you’re using anything greater than a generation old I wouldn’t upgrade to it since its designed with the most current and the upcoming generation in mind.

Let me guess, Ipod 6?

Makes me mad sometimes. Just bought a 5 and this fancy awesome 6 comes out and then everyone updates leaving us 5 and below users behind…

O well…

Eh tech companies constantly sandbag. There’s never any reason to buy the latest.

Your face looks rediculous, we still keep you around

ooooh burrrnnn
(Haha jk, I respect your opinion bro.)

No. It makes iOS 6 seem slow. For any of you people who seem to think it will slow it down, it has been optimized for older devices to work just as well.

iOS7 features the absolute crappiest and inconsistent design I’ve ever seen.

Why do you always have to put everyone down man… to be honest you’re getting to be one of my least liked people on this forum.

Never seen android? I doubt you’ve even tried iOS 7. It’s a definite upgrade.

I’ll clarify, this is from a visual perspective.

Take five.