reasons i should get a Iphone 4s

my dad said if i make a good report he will get me a iphone 4s

anyone have reasons?

It has and HD camera, which will help you take pictures and videos of your precious moments, it has a huge variety of apps that can help you with school work, it can help you stay in contact with others thanks to its front camera so you can video chat, and Angry Birds

Because its awesome.

why not 3gs? its free…

These are all valid reasons, but let’s be honest here; the reason you buy an iPhone is because it’s hip.


In no way do you need an iPhone. Jonas nailed it. The iPhone is a fad right now. Just because everyone has one doesn’t mean you need one. Get a regular phone the work just as fine, or an iTouch if you just want to play apps.

Seriously, I mean, I know I am being blunt, but this irks me. Every kid needs an iPhone to be cool, every other phone works just as fine…


grab a free lg cosmos from verizon, and a zune 30g. there you go, thats like 70 bucks for 30gb of audio and a functioning phone with a keyboard.

I program iPhones as well as Android.

Honestly, I cannot understand how any smartphone companies can sell any products at all other than Apple. The iPhone is hands-down the best and most useful smartphone platform around. Anything but iPhone is simply a compromise.

The Apple GIU is far and away - the most elegant and most problem - free one to use. It is intuitive where Android and Windows is cumbersome and do not translate to the handset.

Apple works. Android has problems. Windows - doesn’t.

Apps: Apple has like 1 million that all work and are cool.

Android has some… some work.

Windows has …?

Apple has an entire ecosystem of devices. The Iphone, the iPad, the iMac. They all work seamlessly through the cloud - together. The others have…

See what I mean? How does Samsung sell anything at all? Motorola, HTC…Suckers.

But no one has given a good reason why a kid in school NEEDS one and should get one for a good report card.

Perhaps I am wrong, but I read this to mean that the kid’s Dad was open to an iPhone - he just wanted the child to make a good case for it.

Maybe I missed the part about it making his grades better. If that is the requirement - STUDY. No machine will help you get better grades. Only the application of one’s brain to the problem will do that. Sorry to say.

PS : Look at the REAL costs of owning all phones. There are a vast number of reasons that Apple has sold 38 million iPhones in the last QUARTER. Seen the price of their stock recently?

I’m going out on a limb here assuming this kid to be 11-13 years old. Why does he NEED one. I don’t care if it’s an Iphone or whatever.

He asked for a reason to get one. I haven’t seen a valid one posted yet.

That’s precisely my point. A child does not need one.

If you have to ask for more support…

You either did not do your research, or you don’t really, really want it.

If you have to ask, therein lies you answer.

Because you had to ask… you don’t need one.


P.S. rant
I like Mac software. I don’t like the iPhone. I just can’t work it as well as OS10.6. That’s just me. But do you REALLY want to show off to your friends, like the “somthin” -i-Pad episode of SouthPark? Do you REALLY think you will be more productive with a particular phone, while IN SCHOOL (most schools I remember don’t allow ANY phone in class)? If you have good responses to these answers, construct your response to your father with these answers.

Actually I know of a few high schools(mine included) who allow you to use them to do research without going to a computer and to listen to music. We’re even getting wifi at my school for the students to use

1: You like PBR
2: Fixie Bikes
3: Anchor Tattoos
4: Flannel shirt
5: You are a Barista
6: You go to Art School
7: You listen to bands nobody has heard of

Thats about all I got.

In my case, the iPhone 4s will run a lot of apps that go with digital audio gear I have or am planning to have and will allow me to speed up things, aid in trouble shooting and help with troubleshooting and automation. A lot of them will run on the iPad too, which is another upcoming purchase.

Also, my iPhone 3G is really slower than slow right now. It’s over 3 years old, it’s past time to upgrade. It’s slow, laggy, battery life sucks and I chose the 8GB size, so store of yoyo tutorials and reference audio(IN 16-bit 44.1K WAV files, no MP3 crap here!) takes up a lot of space. It takes it up to 20 seconds to get into a text message, which in some situations, is a lifetime, but then again, trying to be able to make a call can have the same delay to get to the interface. But, we’re talking about the phone not really being able to handle the current firmware, combined with it being a few generations behind at this point. Looking at the general timeline, it seems silly to upgrade now. I’m going to try to wait for the next offering from Apple sometime in the summer, provided my battery can work out for me. That’s the big IF.

And yes, I’m power cycling the phone daily.

My only complaint is really during the morning when I’m outside waiting for school to start and I’m wearing gloves. I cannot answer the phone using gloves. Since it’s my wife calling, she then proceeds to cop attitude on me for not being able to answer a useless phone call or answer a text that will take mt too long to deal with. Oh well, nothing is perfect. I can’t stand the bluetooth earpieces, they may my ear ache. I am also wearing glasses, which is already putting weight on there. IN EAR is NOT an option, I dislike things IN my ear that absolutely do not need to be in there. The only exceptions I will make are ear plugs and my wireless in-ear monitors.

Now that AT&T has lost exclusivity on the iPhone, it’s one more knock on AT&T to force them to lower rates. It’s also unethical to REQUIRE a data plan. Other than that, I am on the AT&T network and I otherwise really like the iPhone. I like how it is supposed to operate and it’s a good match for me.

Not to skew things, but have you considered any Android phones? I hear good things about those as well.

i was thinking about a iphone because my family has a lot of apple items in the house (ipods, ipads, macs and iphones) so all the apps i want i dont have to buy but on a android or another smartphone i would have to.

my dad just got a samsung all in one(touch screen) its so fun to play with xD

Just get an itouch then. You don’t need the phone.

Why I already have 2

Can i have one when you get the Iphone?

Hey, it’s sooooo easy to explain to your dad why you need this! You’re asking him to put you on a leash! He’ll know where you are, what you’re doing, who you are with, this phone can transmit what your thinking, and eating. I think you can even get a friend analyzer app! Yep the thing can even choose friends for you that your dad will approve of! Sweet!

(Of course this is coming from a guy that has resisted cell phone technology to this date!)