why do people still have Iphones?


IPhone users, what do you like about iPhones? Cuz I really dont know what you would want with one. You guys know I like windows, most of you like android. Say anything about iPhone, ill counter it with something else. camera sucks,siri is outdated, sound isn’t too good, like Idk. Im just asking, dont get mad.


Oh gosh…

This thread will get ugly FAST.
Why are you looking to start arguments.
If you don’t like iPhones don’t get one.





Idk which iphone yu had but my iphone 5 “I think it is” rocks. The camera is decent…
I don’t talk to siri
and I got it for iTunes I got loads of music
I like the new update.

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Because they haven’t upgraded yet.

Current statistics (Sales 2013) show that about 25% of phones run iOS, while Android holds about 60% (Rest is Windows and other). Out of that, I believe Samsung alone holds more than half of all Android sales. The only thing iPhone really has in its favor is 64bit right now (which is kind of pointless in a phone with 1GB of RAM), however Android 64bit phones are already coming out.

Note: look around. Most of the iPhones out there are 4’s or 4S’s. I see way more people with recent androids than recent iPhones.

PS: I own a Galaxy S5 :stuck_out_tongue:


no, dont say it’s decent. Cuz if one thing is better then another nobody would use the worse one. The camera on the other phones are amazing.
Im not starting anything, I seriously want to know…


Apple is starting to lag behind. I’ve seen tons of people just on my Facebook that switched here recently. So far, they’ve loved everything about the Android (most are Samsungs). I, however, have fallen in love with LG.


I went from an Android to an iphone I got tired of my DROID


Because the Nexus 6 isn’t out yet :wink:


iPhone is life. 'Nough said.


The Samsung s voice comparing to Siri is awful. It doesn’t understand anything nearly as good as Siri. It’s about as dumb as a brick. That said I like android considerably better than iPhone. iPhone still has better ease if access in my opinion. It’s better for your computer illiterate mom or grandpa. It’s also a decent smartphone or kids because its easier to filter and block purchases and downloads.

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A leash is a leash, regardless of brand name.


I ask a similar question, but also with Samsung Android devices (all they are is overpriced phones with tons of bloatware). The only reason I can think of is advertising.

Someone is more likely to know what a Galaxy S5 is, than a OnePlus One or a Nexus device. And when said user goes into a store looking for an Android phone, they’re going to likely choose a popular device. I imagine it’s the same way with Apple devices. Generally speaking, if someone has Apple hardware already (like an iPod or something), they’ll likely stick with Apple products in the future (brand loyalty), as long as they aren’t a power-user.

Slight related to the brand loyalty note; my mom wanted to get a new laptop, and instantly went with some overpriced Dell low-spec’d thing. She didn’t choose it because it was the best performance/price ratio, nor did she choose it for it’s specs, or any one particular feature. She chose it because her previous laptop was Dell…

I on the other hand will only purchase Nexus devices (possibly even the OnePlus One and future phones like it), and think Google’s Project Ara would be the greatest thing ever if it takes off.

Another viewpoint I have is, why would I spend hundreds of dollars on a phone I can’t do whatever I want with? I spend $700 on some Samsung phone, and the second I root it, bam, Samsung treats me like some criminal and all warranty lost forever, along with a permanent reminder of such via some triangle during the boot process (generally speaking). What, my iPhone (or basically any device without sources available) isn’t eligible for the latest update (even though the hardware is capable), too bad, go pay hundreds of dollars for a new one (Samsung is a big offender on this front; if their bs TouchWiz mega-bloatware can’t run on a device, it doesn’t get updated; my old Galaxy Tab ended up in this category and was stuck on GB; ran ICS and JB perfectly without the TW garbage).

Also, slight unrelated article: http://www.businessinsider.com/apple-lawsuit-iphones-dont-deliver-texts-to-android-2014-5


Samsung S Voice and Siri are both equally useless here in Australia because they neither understand the accent nor do they have a proper database of all the local information. Anyway, the iPhone is much easier to use than most Androids and works very well if you have a happy little Apple environment set up. Androids, especially the newer ones, are just superior in the hardware department and customisation.

Realistically though, most people won’t use many of the extra features offered by either Android or iOS. People will buy whatever they like the look of or whatever their friends are using.



Well, my father works for Intel. He works on the Microchips that go into Apples, Microsoft, Linux, Etc. It’s basically all the same for Phones. The IPhone runs off it’s own operating system (iOS) as well as Windows Phone (Windows). Androids have AOS and as well other kinds of phones have other OS’. Some may have different kinds of tweaks, but almost all of them have the same Processor and Microchip

It’s all based on preference. Heck, there are so many smartPhones on the market, it’s really hard to choose one. Want a better camera, bigger screen, more games, or smoother homescreen, it’s not to different from all the other phones. The guts of all phones are basically the same.

Not that big of a deal to me, but it’s like whatever

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Android Silver.


Btw, the 25% are all iPhones. The 60% could be anything, stinky slow horrible camera to amazingly fast and great camera.

I think a more fair chart would be iPhone vs galaxy.

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I know I shouldn’t feed the trolls, but tech specs don’t mean anything nowadays. More megapixels does not mean better pictures, and more processing power and ram does not actually mean the software works better or feels better.

I love my iphone, and I was a hardcore android fan for years before I switched. It’s a personal preference.

What I don’t get is why people are so worried about it. Android fans, do you want Android to be the only option? I don’t want iphone to be the only option. Competition is good for everyone.



As he said competition is good. When people have competition they are forced to innovate and find new and better ways of doing things. So I beleive that arguing either point is pretty meaningless. If people are happy with what they have why should they really change? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.