Why does yoyo143 not have an iphone?


Android users, what do you like about androids? Cuz I really dont know what you would want with one. You guys know I like macs, most of you like iPhone. Say anything about Android, ill counter it with something else. camera sucks,android is outdated, sound isn’t too good, like Idk. Im just asking, dont get mad.


I lol’d. That other thread got nasty quick.



I swear. Most of the people complaining about iPhones are the same people who got mad 6 months ago because their parents won’t buy them one.


Or people who enjoy having freedom with their OS.


comparing a phone to an os is probably the most ignorant thing one can say in regards to this topic. do yourself a favor and just stay out of it


Last time I checked we were comparing iphones (ios) to android.


the way he worded the question makes it seem like hes comparing the iphone, not ios, to android. that would be like comparing x yoyo to a y company. maybe i missed the point, but either way people have their preferences with their phones


Some of us are willing to give up customizability for superior stability, design, and battery life.

There are always trade offs, and it’s always personal preference.

Just can’t figure out why people care what phone other people use.


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Not sure about stability, my old iPod had apps that would crash constantly.

Such a great design when the screen cracks on a 5" drop.

Most Androids have at least as good of a battery life due to larger size.

Can’t figure out your point.


IPhones don’t have spectacular batteries and looks are subjective.


I really don’t understand what’s the big deal… It’s a matter of preferences. I’ve used Android and iPhone, do you know what I use now? Windows Phone. ::slight_smile: And I like it.


Wow. Don’t start fights in this thread too. I agree with most of the other people who have posted here when they say “Who wants to fight about other peoples phones”. If you like your phone, good. If you don’t, then get a new one or deal with it. Don’t bring your problems into other peoples lives.


You made this thread to start a fight.


No. Why would i want to start a fight?
I don’t care what phones people have. Half of my family have androids and half have iphones.


no, you started this to prove that iphones were better.


Lol. I knew I shouldn’t have fed the trolls.



I don’t really care what others think about iphones or androids. I just wanted a thread that was like the polar opposite of his.


If you don’t really care, why even make a thread ON why people don’t like iPhones? And just wanting a thread opposite of his is a piss poor reason to start a thread that you know full well will start to stir up emotions.


Dang, seems like a lot of people on this forum cannot take a joke.


Oh, I get it now. :wink: