apple vs. android

Who has better mobile devices?


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Android, Better games, better gaming phones, and less jerkish app making rules…They are rather lax, so for me, A game designer, that’s a plus.

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I’ve had both. Have an iPhone 4s now. I’d say they both have their ups and downs. Android is powered by google, making the android a little more universal. However, no matter which at you go, spend some money and get the best thing you can afford or you’ll probably wind up frustrated.

^So true…My only issues is Battery Life…but that’s with all phones…Only One Company has invested, or used to, into good stock Batteries…Nintendo…and they don’t make phones…Their DS Lite and Old GBA SP had ridiculous life, with or without the back Light. So yeah. There will always be complaints…It really is just preference, or the old I’m a Mac, I’m a PC style garbage…Please…I prefer Linux. though i am forced with an HP, which is awesome…but still. You get the point.

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Android. A much more open platform.

I enjoy apples…just cause they look simpler and seem easier to use for me

Android my dad has one and he does alot with it easy plus it has a built in flashlight which is fun to play with!!

It may be a moot point as Apple just won a huge award from Samsung. Probably just the opening salvo in the war on Android/Google.

In theory they’re both good, in practice iOS is miles ahead. The problem is that Google let’s too many cooks into the kitchen. You buy an iPhone and it’s an iPhone, carriers don’t touch it, other companies don’t touch it, it is exactly what Apple designed it as. You buy an Android phone(other than a Nexus device) and you get carrier bloatware(useless, kills battery life), 3rd party OEM skins on top of Android(Touchwiz, Motoblur, Sense, etc.), and probably an outdated version of Android underneath all that that won’t be updated until a year after Google releases it anyway. Vanilla Android is a wonderful experience and truly just as capable or more-so than iOS, but it’s completely ruined by the ecosystem Google decided to go with. There doesn’t need to be 50 Android phones available at any one time, if Google focused on just a few phones themselves and disregarded the OEMs it would be a much better platform. As it is now i’m counting down the days to replace my Android phone with the iPhone 5. Sure people will talk about rooting Android and roms and whatever but no one should have to do weeks of research just to turn their phone into the device it was supposed to be in the first place.

Anyone else notice that iPhone vs android is the exact same argument as pc vs Mac?

This was an outstanding and well informed analysis comparing these two available phone options. If I was looking to buy a new phone right now this post has certainly persuaded me which way I should go. You are not the first I’ve heard express the sentiment if they had it do over again now they would pass on their Android and go with the iPhone. Thanks for the concise articulation of your opinion which may guide someone currently in the market.

I use an android instead of an apple, even though I think Iphones are better. They just cost too dang much, and I already spend my money on yoyos haha.

And a better financial decision one could not make.


I think this is the first time I’ve seen an Apple vs Android thread on a forum that hasn’t degenerated into a fanboy/girl flame war. I guess we get our childish kicks playing with yoyos =P


No doubt a yyf vs the world thread would generate some fireworks.