iPhone or Android

So just like the title says do you prefer iPhone or Android?

I have an android phone and I love it. I’ve never had an iPhone, but I have an iPad Mini and my thought is essentially that I have one of each so I can use ALL the apps.


I have an iPhone and a Samsung tablet, they both suck.

Haha thats funny I also have an android phone and an ipad mini.

I think that apple is easier to use but I just got the galaxy S6 a few weeks ago and my first smartphone so I’m not very experienced.

iPhone all the way for me.

I have an ipod touch which is basically like an iphone w/o phone capability and a samsung android. Frankly I don’t understand the hype about either of them. I mainly use the ipod for listening to music and the phone is primarily to make calls as needed. Other than the camera function of both, not much else is used on them. I was perfectly happy w/my motorola flip phone. Shoulda kept it.

I miss my Nokia brick. :frowning:

They can both play Marvel Puzzle Quest perfectly fine, so I’m good either way. :wink:

Honestly, though, the way the UI works for Android fits me better. iPhone causes the occasional aggravation. iPhone’s jail cell (and especially iTunes jail) is rotten. I give Android a bit of an edge mainly because I can just drag media over to it like a thumbdrive.

But all in all I don’t think it matters much either way.

I’ve tried using both, not really super happy with either. Both work as smartphones, I’d prefer to have the android if I could choose between the two. Holding out for a really good phone with a full keyboard to get released in Norway. Touch screen typing is just horrible for me, and it’s obvious that the people making these phones agree with me, because they’ve made software that assumes I’m typing everything wrong. Most of my phone usage is browsing and commenting on reddit from the toilet and taking pictures of my socks (not necessarily from the toilet).

Currently using a Jolla phone, waiting for the full keyboard mod to get good. It has some disadvantages with everything that has anything to do with google play services, but I can reddit from the toilet and instagram my socks just fine.


Still going strong with brick. Gotta love it!


Right now I want to say neither. I’ve had problems with my iPhone. I switched to Android and loved it until the past few weeks. I still like the more freedom you get with Android but I don’t like the fact on either platform that you update your year-old phone to the newest OS and a month later, your phone’s performance starts to take a nose dive be it battery issues or…not being able to take photos.