Samsung Galaxy S3?


What’s up everyone?
So I am getting my Verizon free phone upgrade and am trying to decide which phone to get. I’m the kind of person that does extensive research before I ever decide to get something. So basically, I wanted to ask those of you out there who have one what you think of your S3.
Right now I have a way out-dated HTC incredible 2, so pretty much any phone will be a huge upgrade. I’m pretty sure the S3 is what I’ll get but first I’m asking:
What do you guys think of your Galaxy S 3? How’s the camera? How about browsing speed? Post your opinions please!


The camera is pretty damn amazing. I mean, it’s obviously not going to be as good as a dedicated camera but the burst shooting and options at your disposal turn out pretty good photos in everything but extra dim lighting conditions. Browsing speed is hard to compare since I’m in Australia and our mobile networks are terrible XD Just be sure to get a case when you get it because that back cover doesn’t feel particularly sturdy.



I love my S3. Personally, I feel the blue looks the best, as it has a brushed, metallic look to it. The camera is really amazing and it comes packed with a couple of different shooting modes and focusing ranges. If you are on Verizon, you’ll pretty much have LTE almost everywhere, and it is darn fast. The screen is bright and large and the phone fits really nice in the hand. Touchwiz comes loaded with a good amount of widgets preinstalled so you will be able to enjoy the android experience right out of the box. Plus, the S3 has a super sleek design.


My dad has a S2 and he loves it, its so thin and sleek.


Get an iPhone 5 it’s better than S3. You won’t regret I promise.

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Actually, I heard the iPhone 5 isn’t that different from the iPhone 4S.


There are plenty critics who felt the iPhone 5 did not catch up to the S3. Be that as it may: if you already like and use Android, I would stick with it anyway. iOS is kinda long in tooth and weird to use if you’re already accustomed to Android.


I use Android on my HTC One X
Whenever I come in contact with iOS I just feel so limited.

Just my 2 cents


No way. iPhones are total crap. And this is coming from somebody who uses Apple computers and iPods exclusively. I’ll never, ever buy an iPhone.


A friend of mine got hers yesterday. Its a bit longer, thinner and have the same width. The meny have one extra row of icons (5 icons vertically). It felt somewhat faster (compared to my 4s), partially because of a faster processor and partially because it isn’t filled up with music, apps and others. But really, theres not much of a difference to brag about. Its like you old car, with new rims and a supercharger under the bonnet. Better? Yes. But probably not as good as a whole new car.
As for those who have a working iPhone 4(s), i wouldn’t really see a good reason to spend the money on the 5. If you’re new to the iPhones (which you probably isn’t) i would go for the 5.

As for the quote. The Galaxy S3 have better specs (for instance, double the RAM). They both have 8 MP cameras. But as an everyday-user i dont think those things really matter. What i think matter, is the battery capasity. The S3 is said to have about 30% longer battery life than the iPhone 5.
And the move Apple made when they changed their all known charging connector with a new, small one, is, well, plain stupid. Ups for the S3, charging through a micro USB


For everyday use its perfect. Long lasting battery even on weekends when I’m constantly searching stuff on here, on facebook, watching youtube, while texting and calling. I haven’t had many smart phones but this is perfect for me. The keyboard in landscape is just big enough not too small and the home keys respond very well. I’ve noticed the one actual home button sometimes sticks but that’s about it. The camera is one of the best for a phone. I have no intentions of switching to an iphone or anything else. But that’s my two cents.


Sorry but I hate any and everything Apple. I had an I phone briefly, and in my experience it just doesn’t measure up to Android.



i hate apple.


Why do you hate Apple? They do have some rather good products aswell. The iPhone 5 is a great phone, its just not that big of a difference from its older brother.


I’ve had a vendetta with Apple for a long time now. it has most to do with their egotistic viewpoint on their products and the way that they encourage people to put them on a pedestal. i have more of an issue with the company, not their products.


I have similar feelings regarding apple. Not to mention every Apple product I have owned was a P.O.S.
I mean seriously, my droid got ran over by a Cadillac IN THE RAIN, and it still works fine six months later. Now you show me an IPhone that can put up with that kind of abuse. Not happening.


I think the iPhone 5 was a bit overhyped.
And about a year late.


I could care less about the “organ” waving about which platform is better.

It doesn’t matter which platform is better. Like with yoyos, this is a subjective issue with preferences playing a role. Also though, in my case, the platform itself has ties that do factor into decision making.

Since I work in pro audio, the iOS has been widely adopted and accepted as a standard, even to the level where iPhones and iPads are being integrated into equipment. This is a very bold move. Taking a step back, many devices are supporting remote access and control via WIFI using the iOS platform. As such, it makes good logical sense for me to continue to remain on the iOS platform. I bought into iOS with the iPhone right before this trend in the audio and entertainment industry really took off.

I will say that I am in protest though of the intentional lack of support for the Android platform. It’s not right in my opinion.

I currently have a 4 year old iPhone 3G. The battery life is horrible now due to age. I really like how the iPhone operates, or at least I did, but the last iOS I could put in there turned the phone into a slow hunk of crap and apps are slowly going away that I use(all are free and disposable anyways) due to the iOS support. My next phone choice will be an iPhone 5. It does what I need, the way I need it to, the way I like it to. It also has more crap packed in there than I really need, but hey, so does anything else.

Good, bad, whatever. For me, the iPhone and an iPad make the most logical sense. That’s my choice. It’s the right tool for the job. And since I’m looking at several different audio consoles to consider purchasing, all of them support remote control via iOS devices. Right tool for the job.

For anyone who has a different choice, then all I can say is that I hope the phone works well for you because there’s no reason to be stuck with a crappy phone.


I’m not an Apple fanboy or Apple lover, by any means, but the iPhone was never really made to get run over by a car, or soaked in water. That have to be said, my iPhone 4s have survived being fully submerged in water.
I do agree that they are egoistic of their products, and i think they’re totally respectless regarding all the lawsuits. Though putting them on a pedestal? Well, i dont know, i tend to think that’s more the fanboys, not really Apple themselves


My Razor eats iphones for breakfast.

Snacks on samsungs before bed.