Iphone vs..... anything.


I currently have a 32 gig 4s and was curious what you guys suggest switching to. Apps dont matter, which is why I want to switch. I was thinking of getting an s3, and then buying an ipod with the leftover money I have from the 4s. I was also thinking of the new all metal htc one when it comes to verizon. So taking into account my parents dont want to pay, and my 4s will probably sell for 325, what would you suggest? Speed is not an issue, anything as fast or close to as fast as my 4s is fine, faster is great.

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An iPhone 5 if you can afford it… The only android I would recommend is the Galaxy nexus.


s3 and HTC One are both fine phones. Any reason to get rid of the iPhone, though? The 4s is a great unit!


I was Blackberry for life until they failed to keep up ::slight_smile: I have an Iphone too now, and hate to say, I’m very happy with it. :smiley: A lot of these phones today are HUGE, battery life sucking tablets. I had to get an Iphone at the time, because it was the only reasonable size phone left. When mobile phones started, the goal was to make them as small as possible, now everyone wants a phone tablet :stuck_out_tongue: As a person with an ipod and Ipad already…I just want a phone that fits good in my pocket…please! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry 'bout the rant Dingo, but a lot of people I know are enjoying the Galaxy, if you don’t mind the big phone look. :slight_smile:


HTC is one of the only companies still making nice smaller Android phones. Two of the “One” line are reasonable while one is honkin’ huge!

Still, I say stick with the iPhone.

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iPhone > __________


my friend had an s3 and hated it. She’s now the proud owner of an iphone 4s. If there’s no particular reason to sell it, I say keep it. It’s a fine phone, and you seem to be indifferent about the OS, and you want an ipod anyway. Carrying both a phone and an mp3 player around is a bit more inconvenient then just your phone.


Why buy an iPod and the S3? S3 has a music player too.



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For all my apps that arent on android. No reason to get rid of it. I started with a 5 and then traded it for the 4s, and I just find iphones too plain. I dont want a 5 for sure though, the extra price is not worth it to me, I prefer my 4s to my 5.

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Wait for ios 7… Nothing plain about it.


If you’re trying to save money for something the Nexus 4 is really great for the price, definitely as good as a galaxy s3. I have one myself and love it. Good luck finding a good case in a store though. You’d want to buy one from Google anyways (price).


Im not really trying to save money. I just am tired of apple products, ipods, iphones, ipod touch, whatever. They are all the same, just that the shape is different on an iphone rather than an Ipod Touch. Even the new IOS, is pretty much just flat icons, all visual, hardly anything useful to add. Plus they reveal it 6 months before planned release, genius. Anybody know anything about the s4, and the Metal htc one. As in price and performance compared to each other and the 4s.


I have an S3, and my only complaint would be the plastic body. If you want similar internal performance, and better externals at around the same price, the HTC One is quite spectacular. A close friend of mine owns one, and it feels very nice and luxurious. another option for Verizon would be the HTC DNA. It has a very nice screen, and has a giant screen (I’m not sure if you’ll like it or not).


I like the s3 size, but anything bigger is too big. I am thinking im going to get the one when it gets to verizon


I like the Razr maxx hd comparable specs to S3 but sleeker and a ridiculous battery. But if you want the most power get the S4, but look at the Maxx. It has a Kevlar back aluminium bevel and the now almost standard gorilla glass. Also it has on screen buttons for everything but power and a volume rocker. Costco has the Maxx hd for 120 as an upgrade


I agree with Mctron better to get a S4 than S3. S4 have wide full HD screen.
I have read that Verizon offer S4 32GB for the price $299


Ok so this is where I am at. Ever since I got my first smart phone I have used droid. Then when I met my GF of almost a year and a half I messed around with her iPhone. I have to say that at first I loved her phone and it was just so amazing, I ended up getting one at my next upgrade. I have the iPhone4. Now I have had this thing for almost a year now, and I have to say that I am going back to droid. I miss being able to edit my phone the way I want to. I still love how the iPhone works but wish I could edit more on it. But that is just me, you know.


I hear that. I love personalizing my stuff. But I understand that it’s not for everyone so I don’t push that aspect so much. But it seems to be for you, too. :wink: I like the Nexus line… free of bloatware and always one of the first phones to get custom ROMs if you want that sort of thing.