Help! I cant decide between the Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Note 3

I cant decide!!

If you can share any insight it would be greatly appreciated!

When comparing different form factors I believe there’s really one key feature you should be paying the most attention to: the size.

Things to think about regarding the note:


  • More real estate.
  • Easy to read/view
  • Great to use with a pen/stylus


  • It’s huge…
  • Hard to operate one handed
  • Looks silly when used as a phone

For me I’d have to be conscious of my wardrobe when carrying around this phone. I normally put my phone in my back pocket, but some clothes I’d have to stick it in a purse.  Most men would t have this option.

Obviously I didn’t cover everything, but I think this is a big selling point when considering a phablet.

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I say S4 because the size (Although larger) is more practical. That’s pretty much it for what I think between the 2.

I’ve got an S4 and love it. The Note 3 is just too big to be practical and is downright humorous when attempting to use it as a phone.

I’ve never been a fan of phablets in the first place, though.

If you want power and huge amounts of RAM, then I would say go with the Note 3. That is if you have big hands. The S4 is not that bad, but I honestly would go with the Note 3. I also believe that the Note 3 has a larger battery than the S4. I’m not sure, but I think that is the case.

A friend of mine has the Note 3, and my experience with it has left me impressed. I’d say my favorite feature is that the stylus has a hover identical to wacom tablets. The size was manageable for me, because I usually operate phones two-handed to begin with, and the owner’s hands are enormous.

While form is of course a great factor in choosing a personal device, remember to weigh in what you want to be able to do, and what either option’s hardware/software brings to the table to satisfy such before letting fashion and marginal differences in handling influence your decision.

Note 3. That’s what I’m going with. I have an S3 now.

I don’t talk on the phone much, so that may have something to do with why I’m ok with a larger device.

Note 3. The stylus rocks!

Consider what you really need the phone for, then if either phone lines up with your needs, then look for other factors to steer your decision.

In my case, IOS is my only choice, but not because I’m an Apple fanboy. I’ve been exceptionally pleased with the IOS platform. On top of that, for the industry I work in, it’s the better choice as it has more acceptance for apps that work with various stuff(such as my digital desk). I feel it’s foolish to ignore the Droid OS, but hey, not much I can do with that.

In my case, I recently got an iPad mini. There seemed little purpose to getting a full sized iPad. Honestly, it’s not that I am anti-iPad(I love my iPhone 5), it’s just that this is a work tool. It didn’t make sense to go big and barely use it, as the costs would not be justified. I actually asked Andre for his input on the topic too, which actually helped make the final decision.

I will also add this about the Samsung Galaxy series: There are so many models within each category, if you’re choosing to do your own repairs, make triple-sure you order the correct parts or you’re just going to be very frustrated with the process. The iPhone isn’t much better in those regards. Once the United States stops all this carrier network silliness and standardizes like the rest of the planet has, it’s just one more issue to be aware of and deal with.

Make a list for each phone. Check off common items. See what’s left over. Debate the pros/cons of each point. Then decide.

HA! I’m still waiting for us to switch to the metric system.

wow… great stuff guys.

this is a tough decision. the galaxy note 3 is just crazy in specs…
3gb ram fastest processor 13mp camera giant screen for YYE browsing…
how can i say no?

Countries that don’t do metric! Aside from that, I love my note.

I have the S4, and i’m really satisfied with it.
I have large hands, and the S4 can be a bit of a struggle to use with one hand at times even for me.

I have an iPhone 5s.

I’m getting a second line and second phone, I’m thinking about the same 2 phones.

After working at Best Buy for 5 months and getting to play with the phones, I want the Note 3 since its different from what I already have.

My advice: go to a store and mess around on the phones, see which “feels” right

;D hope i helped a little

I would go for the Note 3, especially if you’re a power user. I personally think the hyperglaze coating on the S4 is hideous, while the design on the Note, imo, is much better. The Note gives you a Snapdragon 800 processor and 3 gigs of RAM. The stylus will give you added functionality. And with that big screen, you can take advantage of it with stuff like multi window, which is an awesome feature. My last point is there’s already been leaks of a Galaxy S5 coming soon, so if you want to stay on the “cutting edge” of things, I’d go with the Note.

It’s gonna be a LONG time before either of those changes take place.

I’m not fighting it. Metric should take over. We’re just stubborn.

This cell phone issue just keeps prices artificially inflated as companies have to develop 8 or more variants of their phones.

Personally I hate both. A lot. If you want droid, run for a nexus and don’t look back.



^^ annnd… No Swiftkey. iPhone users have no idea what they’re missing. Swiftkey alone makes Android worth it.