Superior cell phone battery?

For someone who uses their cell phone a LOT (forums, Instagram, Twitter- mainly over Wifi) which phone would you say has superior battery life? iPhone, Galaxy, etc…

The Nexus 4 I used to have was pretty good with battery life under stock conditions. Throw a custom kernel and under-volt it, and get even better battery.

I imagine the same concept would hold true with a Nexus 5 too.

I can’t say which does, but I will say I have had 2 samsung gs3 phones and they have the worst. The battery is completely junked after 6 months for both. Terrible.

I have an S3 and it does OK but I’m just looking for more, if possible.

Pretty sure they all suck but u could look into the mah (milliamp hours) of each battery type to see which battery holds the most. Each phone will use a different amount but it may help.

Pretty much all batteries used are LiPo or lithium polymer and they don’t have the memory effect or anything so u shouldn’t have any problems with any except them dying cuz batteries do that lol anyways.

Some phones will use less battery power but it a lot depends on ur settings and what all you got running at once.

We’re just in a time of high energy-consuming devices and limited battery technology. With the advent of hybrid cars making headway in the automotive scene, it’s only a matter of time before those same battery advancements can be shrunk and make their way into our phones. But for now, with heavy use, you’re pretty much going to have to charge any smartphone every day.

Though I’ve heard the LG G2 has really good battery life.

I have a Nexus 5 which does a pretty good job until you get to video. Things like Netflix drain the battery quickly, but outside of that it’s MUCH better than my S3.

Galaxy note 2 and 3
Lg G2

The Note 3 is definitely on my radar. I’m waiting to see what the S5 is like. More than likely I’ll get another Samsung. I do like the look of the Nexus 5 though. The G2 seems cool but I’ve heard mixed reviews.

mAh is nice to look at, but it doesn’t mean much if the underlying software of the phone is a battery hog (carrier bloatware tends to not care much about battery life when spying).

I don’t really believe battery life to vary “that” much between devices, nor to be worth worrying about. I want my smartphone to function as a “smart” phone; would rather not worry about having to disable syncs, turn brightness to lowest, and other stuff. I expect a phone to last 6 hours with moderate usage (web browsing, texting, light gaming). 3-4 hours with heavy usage (heavy gaming, videos).

In any case, you should probably just carry a charging pack and charger with you if battery life is of dire importance.

You can upgrade the batterie on most android phones, bit stock both those phones won’t have great batterie lives.