What kind of phone do you have?

Just made this for fun to see what all of you have when it comes to phones.
I have Iphone 5

(I have 35 cases, if anyone needs one, I will sell them cheap)

Pantech Link…



i have an iphone 4s. 32gb

if anyone is on Verizon and would like to trade. let me know.

i don’t

iPhone 4S, 16GB. I honestly prefer the 4s to the 5. Not quite sure why.

I phone 4g

blackberry bold 2. as much as i hate blackberries i prefer it over the iphone because it actually has some customization at all. looking to get a galaxy sIII when my upgrade comes along (april)

I don’t just a IPod 5 :).

Same exact phone. Mine is white.

Panasonic! Yeah I know, it’s not cellular but hey, at least it’s cordless! :wink:


Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket

same :smiley:
before my iphone I had an env touch, and before that, a voyager.

White 16 GB iPhone 5, Sprint

LG Optimus V, but upgrading to a Samsung Galaxy SII at the end of the month

same, except mine’s a 4th generation lol.

Samsung Intensity II from Verizon…I hate it so much

The amazing fantastic non-existent kind, by notreal studios™

It looks like this: