Windows Phone

Who has one? How does it compare to the android or iphone? It doesn’t seem to have caught on at all.

from what I’ve heard, android and apple have a great app store and the rest are pretty subpar, not sure how they are phone or software wise tho.

my freind has one she hates it you have to pay for all the apps. And it extremely hard to get on youtube or just be internet surfing.

Don’t have one, never saw one, but judging by the articles I’ve read and comments I’ve seen it runs a distant 3rd to android and iphone. I thought I saw somewhere that MS was teaming with Nokia to try to revive it. Unless the price is a steal, or free, I’d skip on it.

I’ve had one. Crap app store. The internet, Facebook and such worked fine… its more of a gimmick if you ask me. Get one if you just don’t care about apps and want something not everyone has.

I actually have one, and like it. The newer versions are great. Nothing bad about then except for app store. What’s so hard about getting on YouTube? Just press on the tile and your there. Same with internet… The cameras have 3x the mega pixels compared to iPhones (the 1020 has 5x) and are great for lowlight. And there adjustable. Have you guys heard of cortanna? Its a version of siri,but better. can you explain what’s so hard about internet? Its 4G just like iPhone. Your pretty much saying it’s hard on iPhone since its the same thing. Sure it has internet explorer, but its fast, so who cares. A Nokia limia windows phoenphone holds the record for fastest keyboard too, beating android by 8 seconds :wink:

  1. App stores are half the reason we use smartphones, yes?
  2. More MP =/= better camera. Also, the 40 mp deal is like a brick.
  3. You access things on any smartphone by pressing a tile.
  4. Nobody uses voice assistants do they?
  5. Finally, what the heck do you mean by the fastest keyboard?

sorry to be “that guy” but I dont like it when people hate on something thats perfectly fine. Especially when they haven’t even owned it…  :o

I was just messin with the keyboard part, just a fun fact. And have you seen the camera? Go do some reaserch on it then tell me its not as good. I said the tile part cuz Abby said its hard to access YouTube & internet. Not cuz its different. Now with the cooler stuff with the voice control you can.

If I needed a camera that good I wouldn’t use my phone, I would carry a DSLR.  I’ve seen the camera.  Yes, it’s way good.  No, it isn’t necessary.  Most computer screens don’t even show more than 3 megapixels.

Its not just the mega pixels, its the xenon flash, the optical image stabilization, great zoom, the hands-on ability to adjust for white balance, flash, manual focus, ISO sensitivity, shutter speed and exposure compensation, its just great.

if you had a camera that good you wouldn’t need another camera on the side, I think that’s the whole point, who wouldn’t dig an awesome camera just was part of the smartphone?

I think that this arguemeant is kinda pointless. Why complain about a phone having a great camera? I think the general consensus is that the windows os is pretty good but the App Store is terrible. Also the tiles on windows phones are a little different than other phones. They give you information that normal app tiles don’t. Hence the name live tiles. Windows has a nice os with a great hardware partner they just need more development in the AppStore.

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Thats what im trying to say. Plus he said"its a brick" so, proved him wrong on pretty much everything…

so, what’s wrong with the app store?

there just not amazing… I think the apps are okay, but the games suck. Like you probably know hames like subway surfer,jetpack joyride, etc. We dont have those… We still do have some games, but there not amazingly good. I dont really know about apps, we have the basic ones but idk what you guys want. I can check in the marketplace if you want (like an individual app).

compared to Apple it’s nothing. They could really use some good app devs.

Yeah. But I think it’s growing. Slowly, not like everyday, but I think it’s getting bigger.
Im looking at the lumia 930 for my next phone in June. It looks sick YouTube it. I went with it cuz the higher the #, the more $$. I dont wanna spend too much and this phone looks sick, surround sound Dolby,4 microphones,cortanna, cameras great, the new pic thungy is cool, blink feed and stuff… Its actually being compared with galaxy’s,iPhone 5 (and won, so…) etc.

I avoid Microsoft and Apple stuff whenever possible so Android is my friend. Plus I especially hate the direction Windows is currently headed. Apple stuff is just way to “User friendly” (Closed natured and very controlling) for me to like it.

so, basically, it’s not the actual app store, it’s the apps in the store.

I kinda wish I liked Android, by I dont. Its not like “I dont like android” but it’s… Idk. If I did I would want a HTC one m8.