Is it safe?

Is it safe to jailbreak my iPhone 5 using jailbreakme and if not is there a way I can?

Try it and let us know. :wink:

I’m only twelve :stuck_out_tongue: I can’t afford to ruin my first phone!

Then maybe you shouldn’t be messing with it.


Your 12 and you have an iPhone 5 as your first phone? facepalm

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I got into all of that stuff about 2 years ago, and let me just say that it was not worth it. It made everything crash and you could get free games and stuf, but all they did was crash. The only good thing about the jailbreak were the game console emulators.

I jailbroke mine using evasi0n , it was pretty straight forward, just do a backup of your phone and make sure you have a lot of free space on the phone for the exploit to run ( at least a couple of gig ).

NOTE If you have any version of iOS higher than 6.02 or 6.03 jailbreak wont work, look it up on the internet before you go all in.

I used redsn0w when i did it.

Well… I guess not technically my “first phone” but the other two I had broke after like a month and were just the little flip open ones.

Btw i have an ipod touch 4.

iPod 5 here, working for a jailbreak because i just loved it when I had it previously.

Jailbreakme doesn’t work anymore.

When I jail broke my IPod 2 (what a upgrade 2-5) It crashed maybe maybe once a month and all you had to do to fix it was reset/restart the Speingboard.

My issue is I don’t want to go downloading stuff that could be dangerous to my computer.

And if something goes wrong there is about 450 pics. 180+ apps and wait for it 4 songs :frowning:

I don’t want to loose all that…

But I am still looking for a jailbreak to come out not requiring a computer.

Also. You don’t need a jailbreak to get emulators. Pm me if you want the website cause I don’t want to throw it out there…

It’s not worth it. I used to be big into it. It slows down your phone… And for what?

I jailbroken my ipod 5th gen yet it is never slow or it never has any crashes.

You can back up your stuff you know…


So you get rewarded for breaking two cheap phones with an iphone 5?

I’m sorry, I just don’t see the logic here.



Let’s not bash the guy about his phone.
I had the iPhone 4 when it came out when I was around 11.

As for jailbreakme, as I remember it, the firmware an IP5 comes in is way past the accepted that JBM would do. When I did it, I think it was around ios4.0.1 maybe even less.

I’m into jailbreaking, but considering that it’s your first phone, either get a person who knows what theyre doing, or just don’t at all. There’s not much to benefit from a jailbreak, unless you’re looking for free games and emulators and customization. But if you wanted that, an android phone was more than readily available. I deem it as a risk for you to do it, especially if you resorted to JBM, when most contemporary jailbreaks require a computer app like redsn0w, greenrain, or the such.

I have told you guys, if you want emulators without jailbreak PM me for the link. (You have to be on a ios device)…

I already helped this one guy who posted here…