which old yoyo would you like to see revived?

I’ve never tried the Bassalope, but I’d love to try it and see another run.

I’d also love to see Buzz-On make a return.

Two were made. They were powdercoated white and sold on eBay a year (2?) ago. Not sure how they played as I was a losing bidder.

Was done. 888 Classic. :slight_smile:

The YYJ Copperhead HG and the KAOS

Bassalope. The Bass was to good to be gone so fast. I have a small bearing but would love to get a new large bearing model for my collection. I also agree with an earlier post that the Bassalope was never done in some of the key color ways.

I also love the peak but I feel it had a good long run and I’m fine with it being retired.

Peak, and bassalope no doubt

The old Duncan super-hero series, maybe with the new Butterfly XT.
(and the Mardi Gras)

Yup. I’m aware. Just seems like it’d be real tippy. The general consensus is that it must be better if it’s a C bearing, I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

If the rims were a bit more hefty on the inside, I can see a C bearing working, but slapping it in would prolly be pretty junky, my guess at least.

A Spinfaktor HG with sillicone pads!

I’d like to see the Element X come back with an A or D-sized bearing. The B-bearing in mind, well, you just can’t get the gap large enough or the bearing to spin long enough.

Would love to see some more gung fu’s!

Bassalope definitely has my vote, i’ve wanted a large bearing bass since the moment I found out about clyw. I’m super surprised to see how many people are in the same boat. I don’t know if the OD sovereign is totally retired or not but I would like to see another run of those as well… Maybe Chris will see the overwhelming market for bassalopes and throw down another run! Wooly MarkMont also?

This. I would kill for a Wooly Markmont. They’re like classiness embodied in a yoyo.

Peak because everybody wants one so bad so they can sell it for like 300$. Peak are fun yoyos too!

I think the best yoyo I would want a new run of is either the Buzz-On Rogue or the Element X line.

Maybe a Bushido or two as well.

I wonder how many second-run Ti Walker’s Heath could sell?
I bet that the price would be higher - helping out the collectors value also.

Judging from the 15+ emails I got when I put a Skywalker up for sale - that market is hardly saturated either.


how can you revive a yoyo that’s never been out of production?

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It would be cool if yyf could make the original dv8 by buzz-on.

EKG. For sure.

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M1. Full sized. Wtf OD, get on it.

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