which old yoyo would you like to see revived?

i would love to see a revival of the jamboo. i havent seen a full scale production run of an “advanced” wooden yoyo in ages! i would love to throw one too… what yoyo would you like to see brought back to life?

omg how did this thread end up here! ggrrrrr argh! sorry admins :frowning:


Although I believe if they started it up again, they would lose their value, which would be good for buyers, but not for collectors/sellers.

But it would be insanely awesome. Who agrees.

Dazed and confused maybe.
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maybe too much my little pony (and bikeing too) lol :wink:

As a yo-yoer and a yo-yo collector I’d love it if a small run were made and painted by Levi. Something similar to the OG run but in some way different. (to help retain the value for owners of OG Peaks)

Or maybe a small bunch of one of a kind Levi painted like the ones that sold on ebay years ago.

if only. but I fully respect Chris in his reasoning for retiring the peak. either way, somewhere down along the line if he decides to do something of this sort, I hope it is somehow in memorium.

and done by OD? it would awesome.

Peak or 09 Severe, I think.

Pedro Flores Yo-yo. Well, of course it will be a lot different from the stuff he made back in the day but at least I can still own a recently old piece of history :]

the Peak is great, but Chris made a ton of them before he retired them. I say let it rest peacefully in retirement.

however I would love to see the Bassalope come back! To be honest the bassalope is my favorite CLYW next to the Chief. They actually didn’t make that may bassalopes before it was retired. And to this day I don’t understand why it was retired. I understand that Sebastian Brock left CLYW and that he is currently with SPYY, but I still don’t see the reason for not making it anymore. When Jensen left the Lodge for YYF they kept making the Wooly marmot, and when he left the second time they continued to make the Canvas. Also Krisztian Kaluzsa recently left team CLYW but again they announced that they will continue to make the Avalanche. So why doesn’t the Bassalope get the same love as the the Marmot, Canvas, and Avalanche? Plus they need to release the Bassalope in a few critical colorways that it never got to see like 28 stories (spring edition dosen’t count even if it is similar), Hulk Smash, Clareview Station, ect. There are collectors out there (like myself) who need bassalopes in these colors to complete their sets!

Anyway I’m sure Chris has his reasons even if I don’t know them. sorry for the rant, but the Bassalope would be my choice!

Agreed. Bassy would be sick.

Agreed. Bassalope.


I would love to see Yoyojam use HG material again, darn oil prices.


Yes please.


SPYY Pure, preferably in large bearing

'09 Small Bearing YYF Genesis…love that yo-yo.

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the 07 model of the 888. nuff said

I’d go for a real Bassalope. Not interested if it’s not an A sized bearing, though.

The way the Pure is weighted, I’m not sure how well it would work with a C bearing. If the weight was redone, who knows.