If you could make a re-run of any yoyo, which yoyo would it be?


There are so many yoyos I wish the manufacturers would make one last run of. For me it would be OD Citizen. What’s the yoyo you would make a last run of?

({John15}) #2

A-rt Diptych


Onedrop T1 (has to be nickel plated)

(Carson Reid) #4

The tundra. They were supposed to release so many more A grades than they did, I feel like it’s the most appropriate one to list here.


I think it would be Great to see another batch of Citizens.

Such an amazingly good yoyo.

(G2 Jake) #6


(Christopher Dougherty) #7

I would love to see the original 888 come back. I know they have a GT version and a dv888, it’s not the same

(shubham) #8

Something Anglam with reduced price.


2007 888

(ChrisFrancz) #10

Dark Magic


If only you knew a guy to get that to happen :smiley:

I’d like to see another run of Walters, with a couple slight changes. I’m hopeful.

(InvaderDust) #12

TiWalker would be my choice…

(G2 Jake) #13

Haha I’m a man of my word and that’s why it can’t hsppen


Yeah I know, that’s why I said you need to know a guy to make it happen. Not sure who that guy would be, but you should find him haha

edit: why is this software automatically removing the comments I’m posting?!?

(shubham) #15

I agree with @Chrisfrancz.

(shubham) #16

I still want that yoyo.


Big Deal. I missed that one…

Selfish, I know.


I am not sure why a yoyo ever has to be discontinued/retired?
I understand that companies move on to new things, but some of the oldies are classics and if there’s demand, then why not supply.


I’d be up for a run of chiefs. A couple years back I saw lots of them circulating. They must have settled into more permanent owners for now.


Same with Summits