Where have you gotten hit with a yoyo?

where have you gotten hit with a yoyo?
i got hit on my elbow and my chin.

Hands, elbows, feet, nose, chin, collarbone, temple, and ye olde groin shot to name a few.


Except I have also gotten hit behind the ear, on my skull. It hurt.

when i get a knot and i throw it as strong as i can then straight to my elbow then i fall asleep.

The face(a lot), and the ying yang. :wink:

cocunut and the face

Elbow, knuckles, knee, face, groin, shin, etc. Actually I got a major scratch in my glasses cause my DM came up and nailed me in the face. :stuck_out_tongue: LOL

omg did u mean my other forum user…??? :o

how did u know lol… ???

I’ve been hit in the back of the head, the lip, the bean bag… yeah, and mostly the legs, from doing leg wrap traps.

-James Reed

lol ::slight_smile:

in the lip (left me bleeding for hours), in my “stuff”, my legs, my hands, my wrist, the back of my head, and pretty much everywhere else

Kids at school say yoyoing is for wimps. They have no idea how dangerous it really is.

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been yoing for years, and ive luckily only have gotten hit on my knuckles (thrice), eyebrow (once), and lip (twice)

pretty much everywhere on my body the worst hit was my MVP got jammed up smacked me in the face the bump is still there

i got a bunch of bumps, too. Luckily, most of them are on my BST.

About everywhere, and yes even there! :wink:

My face, primarily. More specifically, nose, temple, forehead, above my eye (almost in it), arms (a lot, looping ftw!), hands (getting hit and catching are biiig differences), random parts of my legs.

Where havent I gotten hit?

Where have I been Hit?
The Eye, Mouth, Chin, Head, Elbow, Legs, Feet, and Hands. About Every Visible Place on my Body. lol
-Cody Wright