When the pros throw a trapeze...

I have a really newbie question but I have been watching quite a few videos of professionals (and even non-pros) on youtube. When I watch them throw a trapeze to start off a trick, why do they always miss the string on the initial throw and spin the yoyo around before landing on a trapeze? This movement honestly confuses me and I was just curious if anyone else knew what the purpose of this movement was all about.

If the trick actually starts with a trapeze, I guess they’re just adding a pinwheel (that’s the name of the miss and extra spin around) as a flourish. I more often see the “miss” when they’re setting up for showing a trick that starts with a sleeping breakaway.


If I understand you correctly, in a nutshell it is either used as flair or to represent that it is a sleeping breakaway? It seems like a really common thing that just about everyone does. I figured it was something to add some balance to the yoyo through inertia or something. I suppose just spicing up the landing a bit would make sense.

Yeah, so if the trick actually starts with a trapeze, that extra pinwheel is just extra flair. Not a part of the trick per se. I would imagine some tricks “should” start with a pinwheel, but most times it’s just an extra bit added on.

The sleeping breakaway I’m talking about is something different. Some tutorials start on the breakaway. The instructor throws a breakaway, lets it go around a NTH finger, and then straight down. Then the tutorial starts. Others will just throw the breakaway in such a way that it never goes “up and around”, but is sleeping down right from the initial throw. I think people who do the extra loop probably get more power out of their throw by imagining it’s a full-on breakaway (which should ultimately swing out to the side, not stay downward) and then “taming” it with that extra swing.

Ahhh I see. Thank you very much. I actually just clicked on a video where jason lee does it to begin almost every trapeze throw.

Yup, just an extra flourish. I do it sometimes, too. It just feels good sometimes. :wink:

Alright, that clears up a couple hours out of my schedule for the next few days lol. I don’t need to scour the interwebs constantly pounding google to find an answer.

The more you play, you’ll get used to the extra spinning or extra missing some sorta called pinwheel.

It’s just a little addition to make things looks a lil better, or smoother, that’s all.

Btw, I’m also get used to that extra move, it makes me land a trapeze more accurate and lil time for me to prepare to get into action. Even Hiroyuki does this :smiley:

Actually, it’s also a habit. Once it starts to happen, it turns into a constant habit of adding a pinwheel. It almost feel unnatural for me to go into my trapeze without the pinwheel.

I’m the same way. It completely has become habit. It also gives me an extra few seconds to decide what trick/combo I’m going to go into. I think that’s the main reason I do it, extra deliberation time after I throw the yoyo.

I never even thought about it until this thread, but I do the pinwheel thing probably 75%+ after a trapeze

I almost never do the pinwheel but I always start off a trapeze trick with a laceration.

Force of habit for me as well. It started out as just a way to add flair. Now I don’t even think about it. Heck, I don’t even have to be going into a trapeze. I’ll do the pin wheel before entering 1.5, wrist mount, etc.

Doing a pinwheel allows for speed adjustment and adds consistency that sometimes is lacking in a breakaway.

I do it every time. I feel it makes it easier to get the trapeze afterwards. Like the first time I’m doing it half-assed then the next time I’m going all in.

They do it cuz there trapeeze is sloppy and the extra circle straightens the throw

When I was a new i threw a trapeze I just go right into it but now when I do it I do the extra pin wheel for some reason. It just feels natural.

I honestly can’t believe that this became as popular of a topic as it has lol. Everyone seems to have similar reasons behind the added pinwheel, that is really interesting.

I like never do that but its just some thing to smooth the trick out

I do it so there isn’t as much force when the YoYo lands on the string, doing a full power breakaway and landing in the string looks very sloppy.