Just... why?

I always see people doing these pinwheel thingys before they go and start there little combo or set of tricks. Why do they do this? I just never got it. I mean I do it sometimes to but a lot of people do it… I don’t get it.

Sometimes it’s part of the trick, such as in McBride’s Roller Coaster, which starts with a “World Tour” before going into the 1.5 mount.

Sometimes it’s done to get some extra momentum.

Sometimes it’s done just to help amp up a trick a little. Add some flash with little effort. However, it can add a tiny level of difficulty to a trick depending on what is next.

In the case of The matrix, doing a ferris wheel when going back into the double or nothing is I think done to make the trick a bit more visually engaging, but it’s clearly not needed to gain some momentum to complete the trick.

Why? Because!

I thought maybe he was talking about how you do those little fold-overs when you’re in trapeze, where you’re double and tripling up the string wrap and then reversing it really quickly.

That’s what I always see people doing before they actually get into a trick, and a lot of times when they’re done.

people also do them to keep timing with a song before entering a trick and dropping the banger before the bass

I usually do that because it’s visually appealing. I fancy visuals more than tech, so that’s just me :]

Do you mean what Brett grimes does before like very slow mo trick?

This is what i thought he was talking about.  I only do it when i start with a laceration or something because it causes the swing to stop faster.  like it allows the yoyo to center faster.  terrable way of describing but i think you can tell what i mean

Because its worth points

I do it because I think it looks cool.

i have started playing alot faster now, i went from Guy wright style of play, to more like Yukki spencer meets Mickey, and i use it to gain speed before i enter blazing combos.

Why i do it

For me I do it because it’s flashy.

However the technical side is that when starting a combo just from a throw, it doesn’t feel like a smooth combo. The pinwheel helps me gain momentum, but more importantly start the flow of the trick. The pinwheel also helps me pinpoint where I want my nonthrowhand finger on the string and it usually ends up right.