pinwheel GT.

first go to a trapeeze then to a trapeeze’n’bro.then do a bro slack(let the loop go off of your nonthrow hand,swing it clockwise if your a lefty,counterclockwise if your a righty,then catch the loop with your NTH).now wing the yoyo in a rainbow like motion and let it hang over you TH swing the yoyo again in a rainbow like motion and place it on the string closest to drop everything off of your TH and just learned pinwheel pop out the back NOT THE FRONT and if you get it down perfectly,you can take the pinwheel part to a whole new level.when you do the bro slack part,instead of swinging it once,swing it as many times as you want.then continue the trick q’s if you have any.and good luck.if you learn it,comment.if you have a variation you’d like to share then share it.

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make a video of it. that would be better for beginners.

Cool Trick.
If I learn it, I’d love to film again for you, if it’s OK with you.

definately okay with the vid can you show the two swing,and multi swing.thanks.

I’m still trying to smoothen out the normal trick, but I get the hang of it, i’ll definitley try

Is it similar to this trick?

pretty similar. :’(

Haha don’t think I was trying to shoot you down, I just wanted a video I could reference to.

So, this trick with out the 1.5 Mount Pop.

basically,yeah.i’ll just try to get a vid up.

what song is that in ryan on fire?