When the bass drops?

Ok so for my yoyo routine I’m using the song “Razor Sharp” (by Monstercat). Does anyone have any ideas for tricks I could use for the bass drop part of this song? Example: GT drop into crazy fast technical speed combo…

Didn’t Gentry use that song?

I think so

Is your routine for a yoyo contest? Or just a local talent show or something like that?

Small contest

You “think” so… So are you implying you didn’t watch Gentry’s final or what… Bass Drop(s) are usually good for putting in a banger or doing some insane bind. Just watch the AP videos and you will see what I’m getting to.

Razor sharp is by PBN and Tristam, Monstercat is a record label ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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AP videos??.. what are those?

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Asia Pacific yoyo contest. 2015 just happened and 2014 was pretty good too

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I just looked at your older posts. You have only been yoyoing for 3 months. Simply put. In 3 months, don’t expect yourself to choreograph a freestyle so well to a song like Razor Sharp.

just pause and do the harlem shake… who cares its just a contest and supposed to be fun…

Well, there’s always the go to “horizontal bass drop combo” so many people do. Really try a few different trick ideas to the song as you play it, and see what seems to flow best for you. That’s ultimately how you will find what is best :slight_smile:

Just my two cents, are you sure you’re fast enough to make your tricks look good in time with the song? If you aren’t a fast player to begin with and force yourself to go fast on stage, it’s not going to look good. It’s not all about speed. You could slow it down if you have a more laid back play style. Search up Guy Wright to see what I’m talking about. Just find a song you can keep up with. But if you are fast enough for Razor Sharp, it’s your choice really. A fast combo normally, or horizontally if you can even do these two yet at your skill level right now.

Remember, fast does not always equal looking good. To OTHER YOYO PLAYERS, you could look good. Anything could do really.

To the GENERAL PUBLIC, reactions will be from amazed to downright confused and not amused at what they see as a mess. They will appreciate more flashy and show off tricks than fast tricks. Bangers over tech probably in this case.

I would say I’m a decently fast player. Maybe not fast enough. I’ll think about changing it.

I don’t know where you get this info but this is very untrue. I have been yoyoing for at least three years now and have been in seven competitions, one of which being BAC.


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