Any tips for fast moves/tricks and dubstep songs?

So yea as the question says any favorite tricks with fast movements or tricks that can be done fast to accompany dubstep bass drops etc?

And yes somehow i find hiroyuki suzukis speed trick difficult so if ever a relatively easy trick that goes with bass drops such as in the song ‘Cinema’ (Skrillex bass drop)

Also if you want to share your favorite bass drops and stuff :slight_smile:

Lastly in front style yoyoing i often see players do super fast moves to the point its a little hard to tell but are they doing stuff like barrel rolls but just really quickly? or do they have alot of extra moves that aren’t obvious to the untrained eye? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks if you can answer any of these questions

A good trick that can go with a fast or slow song would be a lifestyle.boingy boing. I dont know if u watch CLYW’s cabin tutorials but Chuck has two boingy boing tutorials that can match about any beat